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Did you know? No,no that’s not it hummm! I was just amazed finding that most small town America has NO NOISE LAWS IN PLACE! I find that shocking! If in texting caps shouting and is used to get a point across then this most certainty is the exact time to SHOUT! How is it peopleContinue reading “Noise,noise!”


The Inn in Luray,VA, speacial guest

Jane Quadri and her sister Ellen had an in in Luray.Several years ago.It was all hush,hush. Jane was my friend.The best friends usually are those like rare gems dlready on others circles. I loved her dad. John Gunning retired English professor of Ithica college and Columbia in Upstate New York. Pops and I played scrabble.Continue reading “The Inn in Luray,VA, speacial guest”

Lies,power, Hate crime

When are injustice righted? When are innocent LGBTQ family members defende Not all victims of hate in the LGBTQ community DIE( imagine this die dripping with blood!) Cut with lies is still cut! Bleed dry used innocent loose everything I know. If I said to you I died twice in 2014 at the hands ofContinue reading “Lies,power, Hate crime”