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Today Electric cigerrets during WWII three goverments used METH on our soldiers

Did you know METH was developed in Germany by the same scientist that assisted America to get to the moon?

Did you know Hitler was the first to addict her soldiers to it? Why? Because it was speed it enhanced endurance. Hitlers super men, Hitlers Army were high!

As a historian I find the goverment hippocratical. How is it that trueth was buried only to emmerge in a PBS documentary.

Vapping that sounds right is that not what the electronic cigerrets are called does? Pumping addicing the youth on tar and still a cancer stick. When I was in the USARMY in 1978 we thought More’s appeared hot.I smoked them for a week.

Then it hit me God Val you look stupid. I quit. It was not until 2001 that I finally had the courage after seeing a woman from West Virginia smoke a pipe I smoked a cigar. I was proud of my courage but had to ommit I still older looked stupid.

I think the best encouragement for people not to smoke or mess with cancer causing product is to walk through cancer wards. Or see children who through no fault if their own death warrents have been signed!

All of my three nephews chew. I am uncertain why they call it that its sucking slimmy brown yuck. Their great granddad moms dad’s dad had a hole in his lip from that.

Meth is chemicals stewed up. Some chemicals found under your sink in the bathroom. Its no more intelligent then eating soap packs to see if the warning on the bag will kill you.

Funny sad in WWI the war my grandpa was a young man in France for there was the very real risk, shot, bombed, blasted to death, starvation or mustard gas. Paul John Andrew Heike dad’s dad was a first sargent in the medical corps his job was in those trenches getting dead and wounded out.

Every person who survives trauma like that are never the same, demons invade their dreams. It was in World War that the expression shell shock was coined it alloed the victim to be ridiculed there was no way daddy could get spoiled boys with bone spurs out of their duty. Boys who refused to carry a gun retrieved falling mangled boys. Pity no German soldier were high then.

Can you imagine professors at Luther College in history department teach that there was really only one World War it started in 1915 ran through 1945.

Germany started the chemical miss use of her soldiers. They pushed past sleep.Winston Churchill contemplated also handing it out to the triloops telling the boys it was headach meducine. After research they found more pilots planes crashed not able to hit their targets dying flying into each other just being stupid. It was not their fault.

Imagine all used the drug including Japan would I be here talking to you.Dad Dr.L.N.Heike was in Hiroshima after the bombing.

One day if we wait long enough it will be the US goverment finding something benifitual with the vaping

People Will still die the goverment is no longer for or by the people. A other election us atound the corner children are still being murdered in Chicago. The poor are still poor no one helps us start our own businesses.

Well that’s not exactly true we can start on Youtube and for a but of money a small fortune for us below poverty WordPress assists us giving us voice.

Success is us putting our voice in pen on internet paper. Who started thrse electronic cigarettes. The purpose I believe was to give the illusion they were not cancerous. How much research do they do?

Side Effects of Vaping


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