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Two Patsy’s and banks

Patsy Sue Brown of Wolf town Virginia and Patsy of Calmer,Iowa. Swell friends both. Patsy Sue my first non TV star my first out of closet crush. When you come out of the closet you are unsure until you touch a lesbian butch first touch a real woman.

Patsy sue really,Really was a woman she let me touch her leg. It was all I ecer hoped it would be like forth of July with all the bells and whistles and lots and lots of boytle rockets blasting crecendoing in to space “Jackie Glessen quote’ To the moon and back!!!!!”

Leaving me with a silly ass Heike smile did not care if I ever washed my finger. Patsy was night auditor at Skyland Lodge in the Shennandoah National Park on the Skyland drive up from Luray VA it was 2001 season.

That was when I started my first ride share. See Aramark unlike the old mountain company at Mt.Rushmore the only employees they drove anywhere were the seasonals they contract for ‘non American’ to Social Security so they can work them 7 days a week.

The children then after that one trip were out of luck to go to town to Wallie world to shop or send money to the agent that took most of their weekly salary at keast 3/5’s of their salary. The fine young people kept 1/4th rest went to their parents survival.

Indonesian,Slovakian,Russian,Chinesses,Vietnam,Koreans,Turks starting oay was $8.25. Americans starting pay was 6.00. Every season we got a raise of at most a quarter at their will those in management and most manager were in their position not from schooling but from longevity.

Patsy worked her way up to her position at 60 to 80 hours a week in October. Most other weeks before October just fifty.Patsy was in her fifties. I still see no humor in what amused her. Our dorm rooms were next door. We were neighbors not lovers Patsy was never gay. She like many women had been hurt devestated by a man she loved. Patsy dtood about 5 foot 4 inches was not a rail. Her husband thought a woman’s body was something as a husband savagely have anytime he wished to pump his dick into her. Usually vie the back door or while Patsy slept. He was a beast that did not deserve the sexy lovely sented woman always dressed elegantly with her long Cherokee black thick hair.

Every chance we got I went off the mountain with her.Sometimes to her momma’s in Wolftown. Patsy and our second in charge at Skyland a lesbian thought we were more then friends. Patsys mom insisted we were no longer friends and called me that lesbian.

How can a person be this or that if people calling you things never meet me. I’m just me no one else. Patst saud at 54 that I could no longer wait for her to walk her home something I did ever night. I was in 2000 and 2001 working two jobs until June of 2001 when I was allowed by our GM to take the Room Inspectors job. Room Inspectors start at $7.50 an hour and in my second season I had hone to $6.50 an hour.

Jeanette Shifflet my lesbian boss liked a lesbian who could work men under the table.Two days a week I worked all alone starting at 230 am so I’d be done delivering and collecting dirties before it got Toooooo hot. I had commited the worst transgression I has stepped over head of a department for a better contract job hopefully the chance to move up in the company. See my GM Beth Good was the reason in 2000 I remained in the park instead of going to Denali in Alaska the season there is also only 4 months.

My family on mom’s side settled in PA and VA in 1600. I never felt in my gut and heart home as I did in VA. So I had stayed in VA and in 2001 I was asked to lodge sit in March. So much vandalism at the lodge. I’m still unsure what threat without a gun I was to anyone who might choose in winter to rip off the suites.I was staying in Jeanette’s and Theresa’s room under food service and people were stealing some distance away I had no transportation nor was I told thats why I was there so early before anyone eles.

2001 Patsy assisted me getting my little red Geo. I still owe her eight gran. I stayed in Virginia that fall Ellen and the boys were near thought I go home in a couple years. I house and pet sit in off season. 2002 was my last season because I had offered my extra bed to Jeanette’z hottie Theresa. Theresa thought my kindness was funny. Jeanette was not amused.I was just trying to be helpful. Theresa was yummy but as a fisherwoman Theresa was not a keeper just a yummy smile. If I live to be a million I will always recal the warmth from my smile seeing Theresa coming from Jeanettes room in that black sweater.

Theresa worked in the stable so I can only imagine her seat was nice too. She road horses its a horse ridding term not a horrid thing to say.

2002 I was stuck by Jeanette in the laundry.I was no longer allowed to work alone. So in end of season I moved to Luray VA house sit another winter for Randi Stepp a account tech at Bank America made $26/ hour. A pissed abused lesbian.

It amuses me at how many of those within the butch world I have come acrose. When ever the woman with own home an appothicary Wicca was pissed her home reeked of high test pot. Thats probally not how it is said.

Randi loved it when I tried it I’d still rather have a good German Wisconsin beer.I will never under stand getting up and wandering around getting food.For me getting off the floor and making it to the bath room was a physic feit of mammoth proportion.

I hated the laundry as much as in time I came to hate America Jo Phippen( she was older then me,bi sexual went by Amy Jo.)

Folks their is no book titled so your gay and coming out: things you need to know about dating and women!’ I was a chump! As think as a bit of red oak.

Need is not want. Amy needed someone thick and with credit for a phone.Amies daughters stuck me with 900 dollar Sprint bill. See Amy just had to have toll free calling fir her daughters.

Amy fucked up my Bank America Account by taking money out giving it to a pal to buy Pot. Amy’s from Fredricksburg VA vie Michigan if she wanders into any area you reside wander away fast shes exactly like my half sister Diana Lee Heike Dudley if theres a eay in her pursuit for what she desires she will move mountains to get it.And you baby matter not!

I drove for 6 months for Dominoes in Luray VA 28000 miles just in Page County then my head gasket blew. Banks will assist you getting a vehical but are not interested in helping you with cash repay the only way you have to work.

Patsy from Calmer is 85.Brings me food on Saturday from the Gteater Calmar Area, Calmer,Iowa’s food bank. They both in their way made a sucky life of this entrepreneur /writer/Youtube content provider less sucky.



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