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Hate a powerful 4 letter word

Tosses away by those I love because it was easier then standing up for my now 91 year old mom and me. My paperwork of lies the lies that innitiated my family to believe even after knowing mom Marian Heike was NOT AN INVALID EVER especially not in 2012 straight threw to our set laundryContinue reading “Hate a powerful 4 letter word”

Work at home a fantasy!

I have looked forever for customer service or sales or marketing as my older nephew Robbie use to say all the time “Nada!’ That’s the word means none. Porn porn jobs actual employment not some scammer sending a bogus check to you to cash with an idiotic story that predates the bogus money.I have beenContinue reading “Work at home a fantasy!”

Goggle Docs

For years that was how I wrote.It did everything word did for free plus allowed me to post to Goggle.The posting was an added benifit I git ti bother the white teash who in order to strip our mom 91 of her individuality, her freedom and mostly her individuality. At least slave were allowed theirContinue reading “Goggle Docs”

Adopted sisters better than blood

When I had a real sister I envied friends with sisters that leaned some on eachother. Blessed is to at some point have even a sister I adopted who allows me to care. Caring is trust and that’s a priceless commodity for me. Mom gave that to me when I was fifty six. I thoughtContinue reading “Adopted sisters better than blood”


Animals dumped kicked brutalized wheather walk up right or on all fours need love and trust,and patience. When all we love is stollen from us we are beat down and distroyed no mater our age we are innicent and lost and not deservant of such hate. Narcississ inflict this abuse why is their no helpContinue reading “Abused”

Disability vs. ?

Written honoring the love and confidence Dr.Deb Fordice instills in her daughter. There are definately different degrees of inability to perform labor. I’m disabiled because at fifty(08/11/2008 4p.m.) I was struck by a retired ninety three year old retited attorney that someone should have had the balls to say No, you can not see tenContinue reading “Disability vs. ?”

Whats the difference?Retaining hard working people after they are disabled or hiring people who are?

None! The reason you keep people who are hard working with good hearts is equal to re establishing confidence taken vie cruelty by humans and re establishing the American dream and showing those of us harmed by No fault of our own we have WORTH! HUMANS we are the animals beaten by our families andContinue reading “Whats the difference?Retaining hard working people after they are disabled or hiring people who are?”

Lonliness does not to be

With other alone people Poor No money coming in Lesbians thrive on community They may tell you different Know they lie Pat an adopted sister straight loves lonely She’s not alone her mother in law this summer turns 100 Lives a block from her Everyone say stay where you are safe is better then happyContinue reading “Lonliness does not to be”