Control captures the heart of a narcississ. From youth humans are conditioned like rats in a maze. Ring that bell be directed to the left. See a hole, see body fall through human turns opposote direction.

My half sister daughter of a man who beat our mom. When Lee Hartly(California) married Marian Bittenger(Spencer,Iowa) they moved to California and resided with his control freak narcississ mom. She never stepped in while her son beat up his wife after all she ‘BELONGED TO LEE!’

Mom Marian Delorus Bittenger did something brave after a year and a half of being bloodied by the BASTARD mom said No! Lee kicked her and punched her when pregnate with my half sister Diana Lee. Child off that block!

We know babies at a year and a half learn. Diana saw the abuse as a control mechanism and liked it.

After Lee and Marian’s divorce mom took diana home, home to Spencer,Iowa. Mom was employed by DeKalb in Des Moines no job for women on her town. It was 1950.

Mom left the control freak in training(chuckie) with our grandmom and grandparents doted on the monster. Narcississ is not a learn skill its like being born Gay only difference is Narcississ is a personality disorder they lie ALL THE TIME and can not feel for others that’s a lack of empathy.

Example is a narcississ’s goal was to force their mom from her family and friends and cat she hated and trash mom’s home well; after all those tings are keeping the narcississ from being alone.

Control freaks like narcississ are exactly like Circus Big Top announcers they are the Whole show! They believe to their core no one is above them or better then they are! All five if Diana’s husbands divorced her see divorce was their excape clause unfortunately her gay sister had no excape claus. People without a way out to a narcississ are expendable!

2012 Sept 3, my first day in Luther College two human service men snuck into our home at 405 2nd street N.E. told( lied to by a narcississ with an agenda.)I was in Psychology of Education taught by Dr.Deb Fordice who summer of 2013 met mom who was still not an invalid. Far as I know in June 2019 mom is or is not alive, is or is not alive.I do know the mom I knew has been crushed vie abuse out of her after four years Gaslight and stockholm syndrome vie Diana Lee Dudley.

So # 1 twice place gay sister 2012 and 2014 onto Elder Abuse.Becky mom’s nurse above R.N’s for Allamakee now she works out if Calmar but still lives in Waukon told d.headington from Iowa humas service mom is good for me and I for her . I was fasly accused of. “BEATING AND ABUSING MOM MY! Never in my entire life had I ever harm a human or an animal.

My control is to right the wrong done to me and my good hearted intelligent gentle compassionate mom. Diana set out electric drier on fire December third after eight P.M.2014. At eight that night their was no sign of a fire.I had gone to the bathroom to put in three cats the kitten and Snuggler and Lucky girl. I kept the bathroom closed because after Diana’s horrible visit in October mother had falling back from the horrible fall. Mom was sleeping in the den recovering from a concussion and I slept on the floor by mom’s chair.

So I kept moms bedroom foor closed. Moms bedroom was never heated thats how mom wanted it. It was her home. Mom had in 2014 put in central air and a new furnace. My dad was an alcoholic booze always csme before unless it was something my kid sister wanted.

I did for mom. Schnuggler was the only cat that survived the smoke that killed me twice. I was resessitated twuce in Iowa University hospital in Iowa City.

We had five smoke detectors

1.laundry room

2. Mom’s bedroom

3.Top of stairs


5 cellar

Evidently only one had a battery and I think she simply did not know one was in the cellar. Sent chills through me that someone I use to count the days before mom big sister would come to visit.I know know all the horrible things she did to me and mom. To me shes dead rotting in Bill Ferrings sink hole in Allamakee County.

Not even after seventy phone calls a week that had not stopped after her threat of August 2014 Diana was still trying to force mom from her home.

What was it about December 2014 that caused Diana to lite the excellerate that in two hours totaled GUTTED the laundry room? Was it December 2nd Father Jim coming to discuss how we could keep mom Marian Bittenger Heike safe from Diana Lee Dudley.

Father said add Val to power of attorney. After two years of verbal harrassment on the phone mom was like an open book told Diana everything every day that folks is called conditioning.

Another term for CONTROL!

Mom finally consented to a cleaning lady once a week as a person disabiled after surviving being hit by a car I cared for the garden, drove, cooked,shopped did laundry helped other personal ways. No help from my sister Ellen except she mowed.

As a writter I write one day some one will acknowledge monsters exist. Good thing Jeffrey Domber ws in Wisconsin because the cops and Iowa human service never investigate horrors in their back yards.

After nearly two weeks in the Waukon hospital Diana had all the dim witted nurses I did not know believing her lies. ‘You can not ALLOW Val to be alone with mother she beat mother then set house on fire. I had a red haired nurse tell me if he knew I had tortured mom he would have simply allowed me to die!

To die Fuck I’m innocent and so is my mom . No one desserves to be stuck with a narcississ the white trash my older half sister literately held our mom at gun point mentally.

When her only son Robert was a year she threatened mom because my dog Casey was a pup he had knocked over her son on weekend when they John Cook of Western Iowa now a successful pig farmer with his wife of more then thirty years were visiting in Waukon,Iowa I was ten in fifth grade. My puppy was the grandson of our trusted and beloved Penny cocker/golden retriever mix Casey.Ellen and mom and me had gone to Western Iowa to collect him.

Diana brought a mut named Patches and a tail that his people had gone to Mexico to be missionaries and if mom didnt take him he’d probally die. Mom had said no we had a dog then Diana told mom that if she did not give away my dog Casey mom would never ever see her grandson again. This is who she really is ask Scott Houg State Farm if he ever met her or Larry Leiran they both have had the Diana experience.Some mouth on that bitch.

I was ten she on purpose arrived when she knew I was in school that’s a back stabbing narcississ!

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media

I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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