Hate a powerful 4 letter word

Tosses away by those I love because it was easier then standing up for my now 91 year old mom and me. My paperwork of lies the lies that innitiated my family to believe even after knowing mom Marian Heike was NOT AN INVALID EVER especially not in 2012 straight threw to our set laundry room fire in an electric drier. Electric driers are responsible for 2% of laundry room fires in US.

Fumny how one should occur a night after we were told how to protect mom from iowa human service and diana’s harrassment is it NOT! JESUS I thought Iowans were smarter then this!

My paperworks on its way to me and Im going to place those lies onto video tape then for all time people even when Marian D.Bittenger Heike and Valerie Kay Heike are dust people will be able to read the lies Diana Lee Heike Dudley lied to Iowa Human Services to force our mom from her home and her daughter Marian begged for Val to in August 2012 step out of college of Luther College to keep her mom safe from Diana Dudley.

Peole need to see how easy it is for other LGBTQ FAMILY MEMBERS WHO ALWAYS cared for their parents.We are not MONSTERS. We the LGBTQ brother’s ,sisters,parents,friends arw honorable for christ sakes STAND UP!

I BLEED for my mom and my sister chose not to tell the truth because Iowa Human Service did not even talk to Ellen Heike Mathis because Diana on a roll told them Ellen feared her generous,good hearted mouse of a gay sister and because Im 6 foot and gay they chose to believe Ellen feared me! And Diana told them at Iowa human service don’t talk to mom she will lie and say anything Val wants her to say!

Father Jim from Saint Pats said iowa humsn service believed diana the squickie annoying wheel because she was only person talking! He also said diana’s pure evil. The shitty goverment agency spoke to no one just threw the gay daughter me away.

Diana GASLIGHT mom into believing I lie in print about mom that took a year to remove me from moms will. Mom was only allowed to buy a TV and rent dish if she continue to use Diana’s magic jack phone that allowed Diana to scan her phone calls allowing or not who diana allowed to talk to mom. For yhe removable of me from my moms will assuring diana’s base that I was the monster diana painted me as got mom a cat and took my entire family from me.

What is that assinine expression the trueth shall set me free funny thing is I’m guilty of NOTHING! Diana murdered moms cat December 3rd 2014 when she walked in our front door after October belittling mom telling her we did NOT deserve a door that locked we had NOTHING of value.

December 3rd she Diana drove from Granbury Texas took her 8 house walked in our front door at 405 2nd street n.e. Waukon,Iowa used an excellerate around 8pm in our electric drier. After two years of seventy phone calls a week mom still did not want to live with the narcississ pig in texas. The night after Father Jim came to the house to discuss KEEPING mom safe from Diana.

Diana hates cats as much as moms snow white cat never could miss a door opened always the first one out of it. Pat Zid….. From Postville Iowa would have told dennis headington that but she never asked ANYONE ANYTHING!

While mom was in the hospital father Jim went to visit mom diana was planning to stuff mom into assisted living. I promised mlm when I was nine I’d always be there for her and she’d Never go to a home.Father told diana she was not a good daughter the narcississ went bulistic and tried to force hospital staff to toss father out of a hospital room.

Thirty five years a priest and never tossed from a hospital room Karen Regan asked mom if that’s what she wanted.’ Marian Heike my mom said no! It took Diana in her hover mood two days to convience father called diana a fucker which she is to convience mom that she should have allowed the nurses to toss him out on his ass!

Mom was yhreatened daily that there was No other place for mlm then with diana or diana woukd lace mlm in a nursing home in granbury where mom knows no one. I know that woukd never happen like did Dr. L.N.Heike use to say Diana had not a corner to piss in!

The reason mom was forced to texas was because husbands can divorce her and walk away mom would be stuck. Oied me on to Elder Abuse,torched our home then reoeatedly told mlm Ellen didnt want mom there was mo one else!

Do you want this to happen to you?

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media

I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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