Adopted sisters better than blood

When I had a real sister I envied friends with sisters that leaned some on eachother. Blessed is to at some point have even a sister I adopted who allows me to care.

Caring is trust and that’s a priceless commodity for me. Mom gave that to me when I was fifty six. I thought I lost my mom at forty when I came out. But when Diana had harrassed mom to the max of which if it takes my last breath I will see she pays for. Falsely accusing me of doing to mom what her father did then Diana Lee Dudley did to get my mom to temove me from moms will. Then Diana proceeded to bully my best friend into believing I was no good.

PBS during PRIDE month has been running a documentary about the lavender scar Fuck that that’s what my half dister did to me,my mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike and Christ mu entire family.

The only blessing I gleened from loosing my best friend my mom from hate. A hate I still have found Not one damn person to defend and innocent dyke from was one adopted sister.

What makes Judy Waites so special is she allows me to help her. I get less disability then she gets paying more rent for her husband and herself.

Allowing me drive with her and when I can for her allows me not to feel so garsh darn useless. My blood sister since birth let me fown all the time looking back.

So why was it so hard on my damn empathic heart when she refuse to come forward for me or mom? Why is that pain like Felisha Fish being tied naked with duck tape in high school by the gang Ellen ran with in high school to a P.E. bench. At sixty one I finally got it.Took me days of figuring out what it was that stuck in my craw about that blood sister and my given adopted sister.

A simple word maybe a word only gotten from friendship trust. What a wonderful word trust. The reason gays do better with a communiy I was always thinking the reason I wanted to be near other gays was because lonliness is like acid in my gay empathic heart.

I was incorrect I need community because alone I’m just a poet who writes and gimmick on my Youtube Channle is a real gay Thespian who reads books just me showing the world I’m just like they are.

My gimmick is I’m not strange.I’m not a monster.Theres no reason to fear me. I’ve never harmed anyone. I’m a loving good person who shares all I have look into your heart you will find the person you know me.

It took two mom’s of gay boys sometime to get the fact that I love them. No not interested in dating that I was adopting them as sisters. All my family I have adopted cousins, sisters from far away brothers an african nephew.

Judy and Pat totally different people. Both mean so much to me. Judy fills me with confidence and I feel less the poor relative. The person unable to even buy my own clothes. The last day we were together she actually took money for gas and lest me spend $40 on lunch. I do wish that when people ask me where I was to eat when Im paying she dies not already not want to eat at the boat where I who has No transport can Not eat!

I have three other sisters Odette and Pillsbury and Fordice all Professors at Luther College.All who knew I took care of my mom and never harmed anyone. No one spoke to them.Heaven forbid I’m gay and six feet tall what more fies anyone need.No one looked into the motices of a single older blood sister divorced five times. No one looked at her phone or computer to see the seventy phone calls a week.

Mom’s nurse was spoke to Becky who told iowa human service dennis headington that mom and I were good for eachother there Was No abuse.

Not one of Diana’s living husbands were asked why they all rushed to divorced her. And no one cared why a woman who in 2013 took a low job of 20 hours a week selling theater tickets quit in 2014. Number three marriage lasted four months. And number five the love of her life lasted one year.

Diana is guilty of alot including financial abuse.

Its like Eugenics the Lavender scare.Eugenics was during the fifties much like the red scare except poor people were rounded up and as an animal lover finding less and less appealing in humanity from the species simply meaness spaded humans.See science figure poverty breed poverty.

Baby this is 2019 in todays world brain stems from those killed aborted babies are used in medical research. Entire bodies are harvested for replacement parts and innocent gays that care for our parents are still like Christians fed to lions for others enjoyment!

Its like the old stupid thought a son of a killers a killer well Diana’s father was divorced by mom because he literally beat mom.Arrest records will show that Diana’s son and grandson love beating women. Diana loves bullying men and mom and accusing me.

Diana’s a narcississ they are void if empathy. It makes No sense allowing Diana after so nuked our laundry room after she walked in our front door about 8pm December 3rd 2014 started a excellerated fire in the drier full of dry cloths then went and awaited the phone call.

Smoke alarms need smoke not fire to go off the only battery left in the house was to the smoke alarm in the basement by the crawl space under the bathroom.When will the innocent (mom and me ) in the Heike family of 405 2nd street n.e.,Waukon,Iowa get justice?

I been treated the most aweful by my christan family. Stopped from mom even talking to me by a foul piece of white trash all someone had to do was talk to one if my friends or moms to know I’m innocent of any crime mostly Elder abuse.

I’m nit a group I never deserved the vearer of why my half sisters life sucks or the reason why my kid sister coukd not get a better job. That’s a load to place on anyone.

Life is hard enough gay people are not why Rome burned that was 1 crazy man. Gay people are not the reason your families fucked up it just is or its not. Nor is it the reason people still would jump to their deaths for trump while believing the nazi’s did the world a favor of murdering other meek gentle humans.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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