The darndess thing

Last two nights that ungodly pains back in my right scapula and my cough. Went to Wisconsin yesterday with an adoptive sister.

Praire du Chin Wisconsin use to bring me great joy yeaterday just buckets of sadness. I was thrown away by my family. I never thought my family could crush my heart . I have never harmed anyone been crushed my families lies.

No legal asssistance to fight slander with maulice so it keeps continuing so Christ how is this fair. The white trash Diana Lee Heike Dudley took all my family including my mom with Gaslighting. Tomorrow I’m going to publish the shit ramblings of the insane bitch that Iowa Human Services could nit help but suck up without even looking into the narcississ bitches background or who I am.

Then if my pain kills me for all eternity her family can see what a lying creep she is. Mom knows what Diana put mom through.

NPR using pdychology to get people to join Classical music. Great gimmich and still this concept is true sharing personal pain or love of brings people together. The love of classical music for me is benifitial because my half sister has me do full of hate for the narcississ I could do away with her but there is no heart there.Diana has since 2015 got away with RAPING OUR MOM FINANCIALLY & GASLIGHTING the best person I ever knew and throwing awsy her gay sister thanks to my blood sister who coukd not be bothered to come forward and simply tell the trueth : Val Never harmed in anyway Marian D.Bittenger Heike or anyone else.

Funny I’m not the only gay child who cared for her mom and when someone wanted to veg off our parents they simply accused us with lies.

Why did no one notice that in 2012 September 3rd, according to Diana Dudley our walking and talking intelligent driving 86 year old mom WAS NOT AN INVALID!

2013 summer Marian Heike met my professor Dr.Deb Fordice at Luther College in Decorah mom was still not an invalid.Still a Red Hat still driving, playong cards taking care of the house bills. Still playing Bridge! Dad’s memorial service no one spoke to any of my relative or my mom who I was accused of my god beating and not FEEDING!

My dead dad was also accused of beating mom.Dad Hit as most alcholics hit with words except my oldest nephew and his son they love beating women just like their blood grandfather Diana’s father.

In 2013 Sept Diana on her annual hate visit convinced mom to go home eith hr for a 2 week visit.Diana was in deep financial shit by then. Her last marriage to the supposed love of her life lasted 1 year. She had tried to get disability with assumed fibermyology.

Diana’s excuse for my going back with her was that her children didn’d care enough for their grandfather to come and say good bye while he was dying so mom needed to go see them now. It was a Gilligan Island visit because one thinks 2 weeks but …

Diana was desparate in 2013 for money to keep her home having thought her lies of 2012 woukd force mom into her hands and she could start living off mom. However mkm was Not veing harmed by her hard working full time disabiled college student daughter( me.)

So when the opportunity reared its head for 20 hours a week selling tickets at the Granbury Opera House she had to take it! Doing to mom another thing that in my case Was not true? I never left mom for hours with out a phone.

I paid for the phone,internet and TV. Where as Diana left our supposed invalid( mom) alone in her window barred home with her two dogs without a phone or TV, twenty hours a week. After many threats Ellen my blood sister refused to meet Diana half way to pick up mom. Mom wanted to come home after two weeks.

It took mom three months to convience her oldest grandson to take our POOR BEDRIDDEN MOTHER to the airport to fly home alone!

On June of 2014 Diana had a woman named Denise Headington to our home who literately lied on a phone interview to a judge in Polk County that our mom she saw could not stand.

Funny when the truth was that miss Headington stood right in front of mom by the sideboard and the dinningroom table outside of the kitchen( you don’t have to allow bossy people from human services into your home without something from the court house.They have No right to intimindate you.They think they own people.Americans who are in their own homes. I have a friend in Waukon 89 years old still lives alone still incharge of her own life.)

Mother said to that rodent that had crawled out of human services ‘ This is not Soviet Russia! You have No business in my home! Boy howdy that took miss almighty down a peg or two!

Headingtons responce was I have everyright I had to make sure you were not being beated and not fed. I was do proud of my best friend my mom. She mom said do I look starved and No one beats me! Then mom had me msde sure she left our home!

Thanksgiving day mom fell back she had had a bad fall in October after misses devil had paid her annual visit fell from that stupid fancy walkie diana was gun home mom got. Mom liked it because it gave her some independence. Mom’s artritis is bad in her shoulders she had stopped driving fall of 2014. Next dau diana sent another of her stoolpidgeons from Iowa human service it was a bully named dawn not headington.As a butch lesbian we are brighter we knows women you know and baby they are not interchangable.

This bitch name dawn ordered mom to get up and walk around after she criticized moms den which was then moms office. Mom said this is her house and she’d use it any way she cared to. Dawn thing wanted mom to get up and walk. Mom said”I’m not a trained monkey and I will not get up for you!’

Headington said mom was messy.We just had breakfast and those ass wipes never call and say the goverments going to be stopping by to bully you in your homes. Headington Only once saw mom! Liar liar pants on fire.

In August Diana was threatening mom if I returned to college for my senior year she would drive to Waukon Iowa either force mom into a nursing home or take her by force to Granbury Texas. Diana had been calling mom and harrassing mom 70 times a week easily proven vie Mediacom and her phone company. No one could be bothered to look into it. My nephew while Diana was calling to force mom to Texas. Every day mom would say after every call ‘doesn’t she know I’m her mom she is not mine !’

Robbie called to force Ellen to work with his mom to force mom from her home.Ellen said no then Ellens guts vanished.

Diana drove from Granbury to Waukon in 8 hours. According to Karen Regan a nurse at the Waukon Hospital her aunt was one of my best friends as was another relative.Karen told me mom could never be forced into a nursing home.

Mom came to me scared to death by diana’s threats. No one but I cared I always cared and will always care. In October diana made her annual toxic visit. Removed our lock on our front door, marched into the den stuck her hand in mom’s face and shouted “You have No right to have doors that lock! You have nothing of value!’

God I wish I had taken photographs of what she did tearing up moms home in her made search for mom’s according to Diana the non valuables after her set fire of Dec 3rd 2014.

I found one tape mom loced only one man in her life from Bend Oregan names Don Bender. They had 3 days together in Bloxbi Mississippi. He was suppose to have died in a freak diving accident in 1955 after meeting mom.

His service buddy had sent mom all the 8mm film they made together. No it was not porn mom was never into that crap. I found one of mom’s two VHS tapes it was under a pile where Diana put it with 25 lip balms. Mom’s diabetic and liked them and when I was off working I’d pick her up a momento. What would it have hurt mom to have in the closet room Diana has mom in diana’s iron barred home?

Diana took home the note pad that visit Robert my oldest nephew had given mom on their early christmas of 2013 when the invalud visited Granbury Texas for her two week visit.

October 2014

First thing diana did when she got home with the stollen notepad was call mom tell I had removed the IP address and all the games( christ Im a historian not a techie! And why woukd I do that) the diana said I had porn all over it. Comeon if I was into porn I have my own computer. Then diana read mom’s email and found we were buying meat vie Omaha steaks they have other things then steaks.

Diana yelled at mom see diana could not abide mom spending mom’s money! That was one of the reason for bulling mom from her Iowan home and family that and Cub Lake in sawyer county bad mouthing me, removing the gay daughter from family and mom’s will. In 2015 Robert replaced mom’s notebook Diana had distroyed the other one.

Mom had seen buying meat through Omaha meats safer then me going to get grocceries and mom being alone.Mom feared for her life because of the narcississ. With the removal of our lock on the front door she was one step closer to forcing mom from her Iowa home.

December 2,2014, Father Jim from Saint Patrick church came to call at 9p.m. we chatted for an hour mom finally consented to allowing me to higher an Amish to clean for us once a week and we discussed how best to keep mom safe from her eldest daughters threats. Father suggested changing the power of attorney.

Mom had forgotten that in 2000 when I went to work the summer in Virginia mom had made Eleen power of attorney incase something might happen to mom while I was gone.

In the hospital when mom fell Thanksgiving morning thats when she learned or remembered that Ellen was on her power if attorney. Diana coukd not have the stronger of her disters be on the power of attorney.Ellen was always putty in Diana’s hands.I see the monster Diana is after years of abuse from her and knoeing how strong mom’s feeling Not to be forced from her home. The very next night fire in the electric drier!

Electric driers are only responsible for 2% if laundry room fires. We had 5 smoke alarms only one went off the one in the cellar the odds of that occuring ups the odds. I died twice eith burnt lungs I found the fire. In October I had moved dads guns. They were sll loaded. Mom after diana shouting at mom that she did NOT have the right to have doors that locked! Refused to allow me to lock our doors.

Diana drove up.Mom always spoke daily with Ellen dianas stoolie. Gets to Waukon Iowa in Roberts white SUV goes in like a sneak nurders moms cat.Rusty moms white Himmalaen always first animal out of moms hoise.Any door that opens out the cat comes just ask Pat Zigwickie, Pat in 2013 had a sprained arm and shoulder trying to recapture Rusty.

Rusty paid with his life. There was a smoke slarm in laundry room, moms bedroom, dinningroom, den,cellar. None worked! Maybe on the October visit batteries were removed! No one looked! At eight oclock therewas no smoke in bathroom. Bathroom was next to laundry room. But by 1003 p.m. No laundry room, no gun csbinet, mom’s bedroom door.Onky disna knew mom was sleeping in chair with me on the floor. No one in mom’s bedroom. Front door was open!

After the fire diana sold to house to Mike for 12000 less its value.Mile told mom if he found anything of value mom woukd get it back.Shisters in sll families I guest.

Mikes daughter found mom’s engagement ring Mike tried to resell ut to mom! What a putz! We knew micheal since he was 4. Everyone has their angle all diana was seeing is domeone to control abd live off of and no longer have to suck !

Not one of my family stepped up and said this is a bunch of shit!Val’s like mom good hearted loving and carring all but mom rest are dead to me. They can carry this for the rest of their life on earth and into whatever fairy life they envision their etternity is with.

I know the lies diana pumped into mom and of the insane rmail Dr.Pillsbury got from Diana Lee Dudley sent still on Doc’s school computer.

Theres so much more but Im going to get some tea, work then return to sleep awake in Eutopia.

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I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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