Why word startup scares capital off?

Start up is like a four letter word to venture financers when the concept should be what people seeking investment should be viable. Business is not like a game full of wimps it takes GUTS not to want to sit around in poverty till people actually realize your death decaying!

Guts is a terrific four letter word. The fist poem I stuck underneath a door. See I’m piecies,gay,empath I’m a stewer I feel things those things tend to lay around in my gut under till they rot. See my dad was a bully well not just dad. I imagine theres more confidencw when people suport then criticizes. My best support before I found Evan Carmichael was me.

People are wrong when they say all is needed to start a business is willingness to start Bullshit my business is Rideshare and delivery. I need insurance,a vehical, membership to chamber of commerce,drive.

Baby I got drive! I sleep 4 hours a day.Four,4! Right now I’m just reading books I will continue to do that damn Youtube apt is constantly telling you to upgrade. So this spring I upgraded I have to go online to place my work that since then I can only place on my smart phone in my private file.

Everytime I try to place my videoes into my library I get notified about error 400 network problem. I don’t use WiFi just blue tooth.See Bluetooth allows me more for less.When wherw ever I am has WIFI its free I use it.If I use WIFI I pay more for my seevice vie USCELLUAR. Will also need two more phones and WIFI. I can het WIFI for a year: Internet. ACENTEK for your internet…507- 896-3192 29.99 a month for a year.

Pay off the LG phone I’m using now and get 2 more one for Rural Ride Share and delivery. Untill I find my rural property Im only allowed one vehical at crappy not mine low rent housing. I need a fuel efficient vehical would bw terrific 2 one for Ride Share one for delivery untill business gets hopping.

Delivery vehicals will Never be used for people transport. Like no cook with apron will Never be cashiering and all cools Will be certified Serve/Safe like I was.

Have other business plans for farm to diversify. The farm will be a working enity and artist retreat so I can show off my Hospitality skills and utilize skills with agriculture(produce and raising sockeye walkeye America purchases half the fish it consumes so the farm will be hydropodic( veg/walleye) and husbantry(wool:rabbitts,goats and alpacs) the wool will be carted and wove into blankets and rugs) there also will be a kiln on the farm so the natural clay found on farms in Allamakee County can be used in ceramics and sold in shop on property its millions of years old.

The farm will house some workers and be wind and solar powered with outside fire boxes. Outside is a business started in Wisconsin for cabins there best see people feel the need to poke things. In a cabin run by Aramark in the Shenandoah National Park theres a fire place. Theres a pkaque that states clear as daylight “gas and directs those staying in the suite where the switch is to turn it on, SO!!! PEOPLE REMOVE THE GRAT AND TRY TO START A FIRE.

I was on the house keeping staff for three years. I love the park nothing better then living there and working there then I got reversed discriminated against management do not rehire people they are pissed at.

Guess were constantly bitching about all the matches they used to no avail. There is no flew you know no air. Its on the opposite side the side with the gas.

The problem was corrected by placing a dome over the fire box and placing a red switch by the note thatbstates for fire switch switch this is a gas fire.

Tourist in 2000 when there was a fire on the mountain it was my first season.A season is nine and a half months long contract. We were open on the weekends. Families would come I worked at Skyland Beth Good was my GM.I worked Bell hop only Out lesbian bell person two mights a week and lien delivery two days a week.

People see yellow ribbon stay back means nothing to them they are all like Harry Potters cousin banging on the glass of a huge snake. Children and parents getting as close as they can to the fire on Stoney man mountain.

I’m not a start up Im a feesable sastainable plan. Did I mention it I loath poverty dispise it with a capital D!

Progressive will sell me Rideshare insurance it was last year $1600 for six months. I want to be in five to seven states , only two working farms. I’m not Uber or Lyft!

People really know nothing about them I know buckets about poverty. L and U {referring to Uber and Lyft}you own your vehicals you service them yada,yada,yada! With company cars we have a team of say four interns for community college.They get work experience and we get four students that want experience thats working nit book. The goverment will pay half their salaries. We at Val’s Rideshare and Delivery know when and who actually serviced the vehicals out on the road with not smoking drivers.

We will only carry two passengers no children.No passengers behind the driver.We are not mass production. The driver’s job is important done are the days I will devour my knees or eat the steering wheel. Personal space even for the driver is important. We will supply a small cooler per vehical for drivers beverage and food. We feed no passengers.They don’t appreciate it and come to expect it.

I have made learned skills.I drove Amish and tourist for six years it gleened me gas and auto repairs see I’m a Social Entrepreneur however Im also an entrepreneur that has done the experimental thing.If a trip is over 150 miles the passenger buys the gas and puts our drivers up in a hotel. Time really is MONEY!

I’m looking for a no nonesense business partner just money will not get the job done! But will start my Delivery Drive share. This part of the business will bring in revenue and the premise will be sold as a franchise commodity in time.

Hope to hear from domeone!

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I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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