Boomer, Ellen,Dan and Craig Mathis

Boomer a black and white sheepdog.Boomer I loved since a puppy. I’d go out to Annie Yoder’s open my car door call ‘here baby he would bound to me and leap with all his might upon my lap.So much heart.

The Yoders would stake him out in a corner of their yard see the Yoders are Amish dogs are not allowed inside unless tiny. So day in and out my puppy was tied no running no loving. My heart bursted. I just knew he had to leave their.

I was a full time student since 2008.Living with my folks after loosing my home in Virgina because I was gay and my landlady found out that Equal housing did not protect LGBTQ still does not, so in 2005 friends rented a van and sent me home.

I took my heart my god son Daniel Eric Mathis whom I loved with my whole heart as if he were my son. When I came back from working as a nanny in 1985 I brought Pal with me.Pal was lab and Australian sheepdog we walked on the interstate from Denver Colorado I was 26.

Dan and Pal were truely buddies I had so much deep pride seeing the deep love he harbored for Pal. As an infant Dan would feed pal dog food then with yucky hand little Dan would have a dog crunchie.

My Pal

Even diapper changing pal was right beside us.Pal would have paid with his life like I would if anyone attempted to harm my little nephews.

Craig Dan’s brother was not close to Pal like Dan but Pal was never far from Craig either. I remember going off to work the boys were at the house. Dan and Pal were eating Wheeties. Dan was sitting on the ice cream wire chair dad brought home when my sister Ellen and I were small.

Dan would eat a spoon full then same spoon one for Pal. I will die with that precious memory. Mom fell in love with Pal too.I was so happy Pal was with mom when I went to work on contract at Mt.Rushmore. I , we lost Pal in 1997. Those of us who loved him always hold his sweet loyal memory in our heart.

Today my second mom saw my youngest nephew and he asked her if we were friends. Always was impressed by the boy I have not seen or heard of since Oct.2015.

The young man who use to wear a Tee shirt that said he was on god’s squad with Jesus on the front funny Christians lies are all they need to believe that familes monster to literally throw us away.

I was so proud to be his aunt. Craig only Heike Mathis to stop drinking and get the cure in 2014. Today Craig told Jean Huffey that my baby sisters ‘Alive’ and moving into an apartment.

Thanks Craig I have a slug if photos from when you were small guess thats the only way I will ever see you. I hope you are bever lied about by Dan and loose your entire family from it.

Im going to post all Diana’s Human service lies and make sure Iowa Human Service Department knows how mom the invalid from 2012 got home from Texas in 2013.

Would I ever been told where she was burried? No one told me when my favorite aunt was ill or she died. What did Randy Andy Lovitt pay to get all mom’s mom’s paintings!

Boomer died my next dog will look like him and Pal and Sherman. Maybe my next dog will be three.

I have not seen or heard from my Christian Lutheran family well my half sister tried to tell me my dog Casey was run over.Tramp was hit in front of my eyes.Tramp zoomed out when I was talking at the door. It had snowed I was in socks. I picked up his near lifeless body.

Have you ever had someone you laughed with. You ran with. You ate with die in your arms. They go straight with pain then the last little bit in the lungs slips out with a ooo.

Tramp dad and I went one last time to the triple H. The farm out West Ridge outside Waukon Iowa. Dad told me where I dug his hole that’s how I got Casey.

Tramp was Pennies son her last two pups we hung onto Penny was the dog we came to Iowa with. Penny was Golden retriever and Cocker. Penny had 9 puppies the night we moved back to Iowa. Penny and pups went with mom and us girls and Dad and Gerry Ulmer and our cat went in the other car.

Some of us remember with clarity moment of significants they consist of trueths. My half sister wrote a comment signed a neighbor all who were our neighbors at the building are no longer alive .

Funny cowards and liars always hide behind a fake name.

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I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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