Personal growth

Little things assist humanity and become like rings on a tree except in humans the knowlege ergo rings differentiate significantly. When rings of a tree scientists can see the years of good weather and watering opposed to humans we grow from our hardships. Instead of water pain maybe loss of loved once or our actuallyContinue reading “Personal growth”

Always remember

Always remember when you work for yourself – You Never work for yourself! Always remver that when you work for someone else even if its Salary slavery Does not legally exits in America any longer. Baby yout time is yours even when you work at home for someone else. Its Important to separate them(whomever youContinue reading “Always remember”

Youtube content provider

Hello thats me! Yes this is a job! I work for a better life and future its not a monotary pay day right now! Just had two interviews it was like a tag team. Two different numbers.I told both what I do Im a blogger youtube and wordpress. I was asked if I thought IContinue reading “Youtube content provider”

Good chair, comphies and just right or a couch

Living with the woman you love for me I want a lovly lazy boy anyday. Its like dog ir cat to travel.Cat whins and howls then usually pukes. Dog sticks his head out a window for a bit,farts fills the back seat laying down and takes a nap. A big fine chairs like driving withContinue reading “Good chair, comphies and just right or a couch”

Two area codes 781 and 401

One Massuchutes but a 501 returned my call telling me I called the wrong number. {{(1/2)I am Ms Victory Davidson from the company(Doosan Corporation) .Your resume has been reviewed by the company and you have been selected for an online. (2/2)interview.Reply back if you are interested..? (1/2)Your resume have been reviewed by the Human ResourcesContinue reading “Two area codes 781 and 401”

Faith …Believe,Protect, Serve

Jesus I think once said God helps he who helps himself, Jesus was speaking about many things, many things.I believe those words or the thought behind them dealt with like fortitude inner strength, desire. Desire for a better life, I work toward that goal constantly. Those words hold worth those words are not for crooksContinue reading “Faith …Believe,Protect, Serve”