Watch “Welfare, is not help it is another link in the government quicksand. Poverty is not Welfare” on YouTube

How do business venture capital people see others with ideas to work toward our goals. I loath poverty.

Wheres work Where’s all these jobs?

Im not interested in free.I need a vehical so I can work.So people will take me serious.I hate I have a friend calling the stipid public transit to get free tides.Im not dead or dying of a crappy disease. I was hit by a car. Im a good driver I still have potential Im onlyContinue reading “Wheres work Where’s all these jobs?”

International disability

Whats wrong with America jobsites that are not jobsites they sell your information.Two seconds after on their job site you are called offered cruises or I have recieved at least 30 Phone calls from 5636666630 so I just stopped my reading and answered the annoying phone. I said who the hell are you! Their respondContinue reading “International disability”

The truth

People do not keep secrets they simple do not tell the truth. My younger sister has avoided the truth about me her gay sister going on 5 years why because the truth is inconvienant. The truth is still the truth that she stood by and allowed lies my our half sister putting me on falseContinue reading “The truth”

Yesterday I rode Earl

What’s Earl? Earl is public transportation.Its not private or cheap. $18 round trip the drivers make no change or do they take bank cards. The ride was nosy not comfortable.I will drive only two at a time no one rides behind the driver. If the passenger rides both ways and their trip is 10 milesContinue reading “Yesterday I rode Earl”


Marian Deloras Bittenger Heike and her two youngest daughters Valerie Kay (10) and Ellen Beth(7) had traveled to Ashire,Iowa after recieving a phone call offering to get a grandson of the belowed Penny. Penny Heike was a cocker golden retriever cross. Some saw Penny thought she was a lovely dog Penny was much more PennyContinue reading “Casey”

Free stuff

Why free! I feel like free is giving up.I have goals and desires.the second driver for public transit had the gaul to compare a ride share with public transit.Do people just not grasp the difference? One is available when they are and cheaper one is neither. The lady did impress me that she had beenContinue reading “Free stuff”

What! What! Huh!

Applying for a job not a career I have that What? No looking for a job at home.What does it matter my zipcode? Why are you asking if I have a drivers license? No Im not seeking college. Yes I mind if you have asses calling me daily as hearing specialist I have no troubleContinue reading “What! What! Huh!”