Granbury Texas

Trash lives with in your town she stole my good name with lies and my ability to talk to my mom and since January 2015 twice a day she places twice a week places over the counter pain packs on our now 91 year old mom. A member of the Greatest generation brow beat gaslight lied to evidently Texas is No better then Iowa when it comes to us protecting our parents from miscreants in our own families.

My families bully is a narcississ socialpath named Diana alee Heike Dudley( Dudley is only one of 5 other last names Diana has wore none of the men chose to live as long as my mom has been force to believe she has No chose but remain with crazy or Diana) will murder moms cat like she murdered Rusty before she started our laundry room fire December 3rd 2014.

The home of the proud and the brave “bullshit!’

Refuses to allow mom to live in Iowa place of moms birth.Bullied mom to get her to Granbury texas calling mom 70 times a week. Thats phone harrassment illigal harrassment and elder abuse.

In 2013 Diana Dudle took a job working 20 hours a week selling tickets at Granbury opera house to keep her home. Diana had taken mom home to Granbury for a two week stay became 3 months.

In 2012 with lies she places me on to Elder abuse to force mom from her home and family. Telling Iowa Human Service department that mom was an incalid left for houra a day without a phone bullied, beaten and in bed.

In 2013 Diana left mom 20 hours a week with no phone or TV.Mom was Never taken from her home because her Gay daughter never abused a or beat her mom.

It took 3 months for mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike to convience her oldest grandson a woman beater like his some and my half sisters father. Mom divorced her father when Diana was a year and a half.

It took a year of gaslighting for the narcississ to convience my intelligent independant not invalud mom she had to remove me from moms will. Doana with her severe migrains and supposed Fibermyology without empathy Never worked another day after setting our electric drier on fire.

Diana needed the last bothersome block distroyed that allowed mom to remain with her family. In October 2014 Diana removed my lock on the front door. Every winter we at 405 2nd st ne Waukon,IA 52172, lost alot of warm air that allowed us to have the pipe organ effect over the front door and since only when mom needed to go out she went with me. Normal people ring the door bell to come in.

Diana went to mom sticking her hand into mom’s face twlling mom at the top of Diana’s lungs ‘ You have no right to have doors that lock! Ypu have NOTHING of valuw.’ Bald face lie mom had many lovely things that were collectable.

After the convient fire in the electric drier a night after the father from Saint Patrick’s Catholic church came to tell us what we could do to keep Diana from harrassing mom. A fire that was not visible or smellable at 8 pm. But by 1003 had been hot enough tp take out the laundry room, dads gun cabinet( in October I moved all of dads guns) if Diana’s fire had hit it right accross from her fire the house would have blowed up!

In August Diana told mom August 2014 that if I returned to college, Luther College Decorah Iowa 52101 September Diana(Diana could make the drive in 8 hours.) would drive to Waukon Iowa and either foce our non invalid intelligent mom into a nursing home or take her by force to Granbury Texas.{{ Karen Regan a nurse at the Waukon Hospital}}(Mrs.Tom Regan) told me December 2014 that Diana would not be able to force mom into a nursing home.I Mom came to me in tears fearful of the woman she DID NOT WANT TO LIVE WITH.

In order gor mom to get dish and a TV in January 2015 Diana made mom have to use the magic jack or she would not be able to spend her money! The magic Jack allows Diana to scan her phone calls only allowing who Diana allows to tak to mom.

Last year mom sent me a birthday card and a $30 Walmart card.The card had been canceled out before it got to me.The moneys not important as lying continuously to mom. Last Nay was the last time I spoke to mom.In December mlm wanted to talk to me as much as I wanted to talk to her. By February 2019 my mom wanted Nothing to do with me.

Im coming down there going to find a lawyer with balls and a shrink who will be able to see the narcississ socialpath for who and what she is. 2% of landry room fires in the US are responsible for laundry room fires. Of 5 smoke detectors the only one in October Diana left with a battery was the one in the basement.

Smoke alarms do not detect fire only smoke.Under our bathroom floor ran the water pipes in a crawl space the smoke alerted the smoke alarm when it went to the basement under the bathroom. At 8 oclock when I put one our our oldest cats and a kitten and one if my blind cats in the bathroom with the door closed there was No sign of fire.

Mom and I had watched a new show called stalkers then the alarm went off. I found the fire the alarm that went off was in the basement.My Patches went downstairs that was the last tome I saw my boy alive.

Patches had come to me in the spring someone had given him a hard life Patches only had one eye but such a heart. I found the fire like a dragon rumbling breathing fire going up the steps.

I went back to mom sat down on the floor yold mom she had to come to the floor do we could leave. Mom said no last I heard was Hello 911. I died twice.I had never ever been in a hospital at 56 sonce birth. Diana kept my younger sister from coming to see me in Iowa City.

Diana filled my entire family with all her lies.I want my family back but mostly those fake Christ followers are dead to me I want mom to know the trueth from all Diana Lee Heike Dudleys lies all the way back to when she was 8 years old and calling my grand dad Paul John Andrew Heike hero of WWI a phodfile.

My lifes full of Diana lying to get her way giving my dog away while I was in school because she came with a shaggie dog and a lie and a bully.Diana told mom if mom didn’t give away my dog and take Patches mom would Never see her grand kids AGAIN!

My youngest sister knows I’m innocent of Ever harming anyone but shes a bully to. When she was 18 coming home late she hurt mom more then if she jabbed a butcher knife into moms heart by telling mom a woman who loved to sing.Mom sand Sweet Adlines first soprano to first alto I did too before my death in 2014 at 56. Ellen told mom that her songong made Ellens ears bleed!

My goddess! Why the hell does anyone go to such extremes to hurt anyone that loved them blindly.

It was nothing for Ellen to distroy moms tape of the only man mom loved ever Don Bender. And when Diana said mom was never going to be allowed to return to Iowa sell moms belongings. All that time mom thought her property was safe.What did you spend moms money on Diana?

Mother told me in 2015 she learned thale hard way and would never make Diana power of attorney.July 2015 when mom was sent a note about talking to the judge in Polk County because the stupid asses of Iowa human services wanted to know why I was on Elder abuse twice but mkm was NEVER REMOVED FROM HER HOME!

The Polk County judge acceoted 16 pages I gave him of what Diana had done to mom and me since her last husband of ONE year divorced her.Men are lucky crazy can be divorced unless your family then you are distroyed with lies. And the monster crushes you this is a hate crime Diana hates mom and me. Diana murdered moms cat when she walked into the front door set her fire and somply walked out.

Diana’s GPS will show where dhe was when the fire was lit and not having any witnesses that she was in Texas when she got the message we had a fire.

In 2013 mom put a new roof on the house and in 2014 put in central air mom had no intention of giving up her home even though we found no assistance for her being bullied 70 times a week by her Granbury daughter all that information still accessable.Mom had No intention of leaving Iowa.

Diana could not bear all her husbands divorcing her and her grandaughter going away to school how would she exist.

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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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