I think of that song from White Christmas my sisters rom birth are Nothing like that!

One lied me on to Elder abuse so she could force our mom into her hands where mom{an independant intelligent woman could be controlled vie Gaslighting in an enviroment like exactlty like Stockholm syndrone.} The other one knowing her gay sister never harmed anyone told her gay sister tgere was NOTHING SHE COULD TO TO STOP THE LIES!!!

Last June my half sister brought mkm home for first time since taking her from nurding home after the fire in the electric drier Diana Lee Heike Dudley set January 6th in 26 degrees below zero at 8 am. That weekend mom had pnemonia and was hospitalized in Granbury Texas.

Companies keeep information for ten years.Diana Lee did stuff miserable stuff to our mother and me since 2011 after Diana’s last of 5 marriages. Dan Ahler looked Diana up on line, said Diana was the love of his life. Marriage lasted 1 year.

How do you not look in to a monster ehem one of thw abused gives thw judge in Polk county 16 pages of thongs the Bully of the Heike family did. Last June 3rd that monster valled the Allamakee Sherriff department all I did was go yo see my youngest sister.

Where’s my rights they took my mom and entire family with their god damn filthy lies. My mom has been gaslighted to remove me from moms will I was slways the daughter there for mom. By Feb this year mom was bullied into never eanting to talk to me.

One of Diana’s goals forcing mom to texas was to control the little bit of money mom had. Mom had and was doing that. Look into her ginances.Moms bedroom id like a closet diana coukd not even give up her bedropm for the woman whobwas going to keep her her home.

Mom {Marian D.Bittenger Heike} got given a cat after she removed me from moms will like WHITE TRASH! Mom’s cat Rusty was murdered by Diana when she walked in the front foor and set our electric drier on fire December 3rd. There was No fire at 8 pm in the laundry room at 495 2nd street n.e.

Moms cat lives in a cage. Comes out to potty, eat and sometimes sit on moms lap.Diana hates cats. Moms 91 I have not spoke to her sonce last May nor seen her since December 2014.

Wish I had relayions with the mob Id have this dealt with and mkm nack in Iowa seems the only poor in Iiwa with legal assistance are Non Americans Why the hell is that? I eant this dealt with before mlm and I and my kid sister the coward arw all dead and Iiwa simply sweeps more trueth of abuse under the rug!

According to the trash diana was sprwading dad {Dr.L.N.Heike was an abuser that’s a bullfaced lie, dad was a drinker Not an abuser. Never struck mom hit me.Dad’s weapons like Ellens and Diana’s were words.} Diana Lee Heike Dudleys dad loved beating women. Diana’s son and grandson are chips off that tree both women beaters.

God damn it all what the hells wrong with America any more liars destroy people with lies and America slaps the liars on the back and say “Way to go! You murdered another sweet generous good hearted person, full time student disabiled by a 93 year old hitting her by a car.I was crippled more by the Hate of my family the christian and iiwa human service department then ever by the 93 year old retited attorney Linn Morrow who did not even get a ticket August 11th at 4 pm 2008.

See in Waukon Iowa its ok to hit a 50 year old lesbian on a bike after a final in Diversity which I aced. Wheres my justice! I drove Amisj fir gas money I cared fir the garden in 2011 Diana used dads backsaw and sawed through the brand new faucett from Manards in La Crosse Wisconsin.

For two years I carried water from the bathroom to wash and clean. In 2013 Diana had a new faucett put on and gave mom the bill. Two years Diana called mom 70 times a week to bully mom to Texas.Mom always said Diana was just like her fathers mom the control freak and that she (mom) Never eanted to live with Diana.

That’s exactly who fir all this time mom has been bullied into believing sge had no choice to live wiyh because she could not live with me the gay daughter lied onto Elder Abuse or my younger sister who did not WANT MOM!!!!!!!!

Mom’s first few months with the piece of white trash mom was told she had to live with Diana or it was the nursing home where MOM would kow no one!

Is this how you want to be treated? Don’t think it will mot or coukd not happen to you! You do not know! If you have something like 275 acreas in northern Wisconsin in a national forest amd your kid wants it NOTHING is impossible this could happen to you!

With my half sister lies I loss my MOM and my good honorable name. Below poverty mo lawyers cares about the law or whats right.I lost all my famoly Christ do you not get this is Rape by blood family.

Fir chrust sakes wheres my justice? Diana made MOM have to use the magic jack or she was Not allowed to get tv, or satelite dish Diana also made mom get netflix.

Funny when Diana took mom to franbury texas for a two week stay because dad died in summer 2012 her children could not be bothered to come and see mom it interferred with their work.

Just a year before the 2013 two week stay thatnturned into a 3 month stay befire mom got her oldest grandson to take her to the airport to fly back to Iowa Diana had tried to lie mom out of a home.The day I transfered to Luther College September 3rd 2012.

Two men snuck in our back door yelling Mary Mary.Mom yelled back ‘I do not know who you are, who Mary is get out!’ They said we wete told your an “”Abused beaten and not fed bed ridden.” Mom said that was all a lie! Told them not to come back.

December 2013 and not a soul looked into this!!!! Mom flew from Texas to Iowa alone the bed ridden victim!

I want off that foul piece of Shit and mom free of that bitches hands back in Iowa. Did you know that I was told by mom sister in the spring of 2015 that I had been placed onto Elder abuse in 2012 the first time.I have Never harmed anyone!

Where the hell is justice for mom and me???????

Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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