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No Zing!

Anticipation of no longer lonely stinks as much as sure people have changed.Some people become victims of others or cirrcumstance. Others blame others for their lot in life.

Since an old friend has come from Montena to start or take me to her state I’m so impressed by me it shocking! How dare her believe that she could cry on my shoulder and get me yo do all she would like.

The myth of our relationship was that I could talk all of who I am with me.That a hitch would be placed on her stationwagon. That H&R Block gave their workers the bonus they deserved.

I find out half way I would have to stote All I could not get into the vehical! The myth of a trailer was not going to happen because H&R Block did not pay them the workers what they said they would.

When I touch her thigh Theres No Zing! I mean Nothing ! But even before I knew that I marched my just Val feelings into the bedroom Darlene was sleeping in. Only one I have. At her home she sleeps where I did in 2014.Not in Iowa but on the floor by my mom’s chair. No one cared that I always put mom first! I will always.

Empty words. But trust me you if anticipating me will recall if I’m coming to you and I appologize for gambling $100.

I told Darlene that’s ok its your money! But when you are thinking about being ”Two money is yours too!!!#!!!’ Christ I watched 56 years of crap dad did always expecting to make his life better but thinking mom’s suffering would complement thats not the Right word. Weigh out even by mom paying off dads debt not one minute thinking what mom gave off so dad could have his cake and eat it too!

Its a 1000 miles right. My experiment is Resort work crew to management I have in 32 years done alot if shit but I can read people.I think I would be awesome in personel. Cause when she told me in the same statement ‘ I rented a motelroom so I could sleep with my sleeping mask I though Christ its the season, she stayed at Super 8 so that cost from 50 to 200 dollars.

Its a 1000 miles, her first trip at 52, horney as hell.I’m working on my own business sure its something I love and get great satisfaction but why should work zap me of who I and make this blood sucker a zombie! A drone bake when that referred to walking, unfeeling, victim, shy, coward! Not what the word drone now dipicts flying alone taking photos.

And then recall she called to tell me sorry gambled $100. Last night I spent 26 dollars so we could eat at the cafe on my college campus.Darlene had used my cell phone as a hot spot.I pay $98 dollars a month the USCelluar because my cell phone is not a GDHotspot for someones joy to play a God Damn Game!

We get back to my home she at Luther admitted it was a nice college but that all the food and pop she drank went right through her! Not once thanks for buying me supper.

She goes to the bathroom walks out seat is up lights on its like a 52 year old child but see in Montena the govement gives them money to assist with stupidness and the inability to undrstand someone pays for that electrocity! The force on me is disturb but being a good person but unfortunately a writer. I had planned to send familu silver with her. Then last night I saw it! The everything could buy me cigerettes gleam in her eyes and we were in the dark!

You have those treasures she says’ how come you don’t just sell them and buy what you need for your business. She sleeps still I put the silvereare away.

I’m Wicca and believe in the Great Spirit and so signs are significant for me. Like the well her getting her period midway here. Fine with me the only one Im passionate here is for me getting ahead. Darlene gets here with 134. Not shitting you $134. Midway Darlene promised to pay for 6 months storrage of my few things and the books I read in my business. That too would be on me Val Whitewolf Heike. I’m so glad I didnt put in that I was moving out of crappy low rent housing!

I’m not the trusting gullable human I was before Diana Lee Heike Dudley lied me onto Iowa Human Service Elder Abuse the only Elder Abuser in my family is Miss Diana who NONE OF HER 5 HUSBANDS STAYED WITH DIANA AS LONG AS MARIAN D.BITTENGER HAS BEEN GASLIGHTED TO BELIEVE SHE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO STAY WITH MOM! NOT WHILE I breathe will I stop trying to get people to see this as a load of crap sold by white trash.

See not the gullable likeable timid goodhearted tool anymore you loose your family at the hands of a sister you will change too.

Back to Darlene in her rush to get the Ossian Iowa she fell into a pothole thinks she( cover your eyes I’m going to swear!) Guck its the transmission Im going to get the mechanic to look at it. I just need it to get her home. I have no intention to fit the bill for tons of money when I can not find funds to start my own business-

When Darlene arrived Friday she gave me her food stamp card and her bank card and said she’d clean the house I would pay the bills and give her an allowance to gamble but that I could never make more the 1600 a month or I’d loose the crappy disability I want off! I asked her to do one thing sweep for me that’s hard for me. Still floors crappy its Monday.

Jesus christ bells and whistles were going off big time!!!!! In my big room itbwas like an old KMART Bluelight special! Christ I was in moms life! See mom took care of the books for 60 fricken years mom and us went without stuff dad carried a wad of money.Mom bought the grocceries dads wad bought special stuff like beer, booze, those cigeretts he told mom he no longer smoked.

Darlene flatly accused me Friday of finding she still smoked and throwing them out I care more for what I have left of my lungs then she does of hers.

Then I say lets be serious you said you not paid your rent! After she had me tuck away her cards. Since she has arrived age bought pads, used something I don’t use my phone for so she can game. I saidbso how will you pay that? Her rents $600 a month. I did not understand that my money was planned to be a reward to live in a state that treated adults like children!

Saturday night I had 6 comments on my reading books my videos on Val Whitewolf Media. Never had that many, this was big shit to me.So after I bought her a nice meal that cost me more then I ever spend on me of which I actually spent $3 dollars on her refills of diet pop.I had skim milk.

When I go out with Pat and she volunteers to pay the bill I will lay down the tip. Not continue to adding to a food bill. Darlene thought the two women close to me were the ones that told me what to do and I Jump! So I guess she figured thats what she needed.She knows now I am not!

I get $680 a month I want to make $1000 a week. See right now thats my goal. So far this month paid $88 electric my bill was 34 Alliance Energies taxed brought it to 88, 123 rent,98 US Celluar plus 30 supper,owe Walmart 25 and 50 for a medical bill. And 12 rent insurance 12 Youtube and 6 Iowa Public Broadcasting. Thats like 393 something. Out if 680 280 and I said Id give her $100 for trip home Christ!

The only one who comes out ahead is Darlene! I just called my insurance company told them I was not cancelling my insurance then called Chucks. Chucks is the mechanic a block away he will look at Darlenes vehical tomorrow morning. So now Ill call Gunderson in La Crosse.

Im happy about something else this means that I still get to go with Pat to neuology next month to find out about my head,yeah!

Last night at Luther Darlene finally got ahold of her sister and I spoke briefly with her angry sister begging me to simply store my stuff.There was nothing simply about what would have had to be done I’m lame no money to hire help to load move or store.Was I just suppose a good person would wander by and throw money at me? Hell No!

The tea pot was low so Darlene remind me several times because she with two good legs might want more tea instead of just putting more water in the pot. I don’t get that! Seriously, Seriously!!!!!!!!’

It might be incorrect that writers are like songwriters though Im not a fan of Taylor Swift I do get the urge to share the crap that occurs in our everyday life. Like sitting in my office which consists of a chair with books all around and carpet in need of vaccuuming no one hears my thought process however on the other hand talking on the phone or reading the walls are paper thin Darlene hears everything. I’ m fine with that.

Courious what do cigerrets cost these days? The cheap ones Darlene is on at least the third pack in 3 days. She had $134. She wants to find someone she can get money from to pay her bills. Oh and on the trip her daughter had a birthday and Darlene sent $40.

Gluck!!!##=== I have sought for years for a Rural Rideshare and deliever company Im still poverty stricken but I excell at work ethic and determination! Now I staying in northern Iowa or going to Wisconsin or Minnesota maybe now someone maybe even a newspaper will see my worth.

Ok it will piss me off some( alot!!!!!!!) if she finds money to get home. Ill quickly look for her I love her like a sister some.

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Well like John Wayne would say Im burning daylight.


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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