Peanut Butter,Hum Yum and..?

I have been healing weeping itching, itching weeping.Cellitice darken my legs play havoc with the crappy veins that have not worked for years. Useless veins I used vegitable oil for years.I usually try to get peanut butter.Need the oil for cooking so I thought hummm! Peanut butter. Creamy much better then peanut. I stopped itchinContinue reading “Peanut Butter,Hum Yum and..?”

Poor people’s firbabies

Being poor no one gets the size of wallet.People do not become animal doctors ,veterinarians because they love animals anymore. We, I might say I’m worried my black firbaby is not feeling great. People without a thought in the world will be flip, take them to a vet! I write and build content on YoutubeContinue reading “Poor people’s firbabies”

Over the counter pain packs

Did you know they should Never Ever be used on anyone over sixty. My older half sister puts two a week on our now ninety one.My half sister has done this since January 2015. I was Never allowed to get Anyone to care! With all the braim watching and with mu mom figuring she momContinue reading “Over the counter pain packs”

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