I asked a French friend about Notre Dame

My friend Annie simply said don’t worry the wealthy have money for that! Just now on NPR Brief moment with a historian. That’s not the correct name but in essense it was the same feel as Annie’s words. Annie is not wealthy she is like her Iowan friend (me). We spoke how in America weContinue reading “I asked a French friend about Notre Dame”

There were No roses

No roses still best Easter since 2014 mom was still in Iowa with her family. No glass of wine under rated An adopted sisters smile alive and well with a story of a tragity prevented. My adopted sister came by, there are two little parks in Ossian Iowa. Pat brought two brownies with walnuts IContinue reading “There were No roses”

There comes a time

Young money matters more then what you do.No more! No more! I’m a writer. I’m a assit. Know antiques. How to buy , look for good deals. Monitor staff.Walk with a cane. Love talking to people. My time might not be money I hope it will be one day. I’m Awesome with animals. Good heartedContinue reading “There comes a time”


It use to be thought wrong to force elderly from where they repeated 280 times a month “No I do not wish to move away from my home, family or Iowa to granbury Iowa.’ I learned from Diana Lee Dudley desires of her elderly Mother at 82 meant NOTHING! BRUTALLY TREATING our intellingent good heartedContinue reading “Relocation”

Incuments of time

You tube suggests that longer is better according to the algorithms used to show number of our monthy views by time amounts they watch. However like Dr.Ernst North East Iowa Community College Calmar,Iowa use to say humans prefer periods near thirty minutes to longer. The copywrite times seem to get over look when time onContinue reading “Incuments of time”

Poor people(me), not poor(you)

(Pictures my mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike, bullied to believe I stopped talking to her May 2018, proof on mom’s magic Jack the device my half sister bullied mom to using when she finally forced from Waukon Iowa,( magic Jack allows phone calls to be scanned.) So after a convienant electric drier fire night after priestContinue reading “Poor people(me), not poor(you)”


Seems like the easjest thing for anyone to grasp Right! Penniless means Without pennies! Why is it when I tell people I got a lousy 160.48 for the pickup I drove for five years.I tell them my pickup was so in earnest that as it rushed djwn the parking lot at the lousy Low RentContinue reading “P.E.N.N.N.Y.L.E.S.S.”

Seeking employment Montena, strong character, Out lesbian

Hey Montena! Moving to North Western Montena. I’m a good shot, safe driver, walk with a cane , great with babies and older ladies. Got spunk! Hello moving to Montena hope in June.Worked 32 years in hospitality. Studied hidtory North East Iowa Community College and Luther College.Was hit by a car on a ten speed,August,11thContinue reading “Seeking employment Montena, strong character, Out lesbian”