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Any thoughts? Yes two words where did I go to school.In my entire life I bet I had fewer that taught out of love of education then them just seeing if as an evil neccessary! Evil yes, like birth food if lucky decent good hearted trusting family, job, death.

I heard a bit of a disbute about what teacher should be expected to do, should do, do.Yep the do,do,do’s.


2.Be all you can be for students down to a drawer full of ties for youths to wear for interviews. And if you thought todays teachers got their education to educate instead of being well paid babysiters even that idea’s erronious!

3.Children students come to school get 3 meals a day and if children are quadriplegic bathroom trips performed by educators.

Teachers are literately rearing the nations young. For my younger sister the boys were in school all week then sent to either grandparents every weekend so their parents could go out. After school they spent time at the babysiters. Mom and dad feed supper then pop them into bed.

There was a young teacher who after this school year he is off to Dubai. A country where educators are just teachers. The young man says he is burnt out being a one man army to classes of needy children.

I think the children might had lucked out. I’m sixty one and from youth to college now let me see.

1.Mrs.Cummons – End of 3rd grade to beginning of 4th grade.Howard,Wisconsin. Little country school.

2.Mrs.Fiet – 5th grade, East Elementary, Waukon,Iowa.

3.Mr.Pittman -1970-1973, taught art, still recall most of what I learned from him.Grade school to High School.Last I saw him he was teaching at North Eastern Community College in Calmar,Iowa. Plus big at Saint John’s Lutheran Church, Waukon,Iowa.

4.Mr.Angel-1973-1976,High School taught golf and driving, Waukon,Iowa.( It was probally three years ago Mr.Angel died.Mr.Angel wanted to go fishing.Mr.Angel had demensia he drove out to his fishing pond by the old County home on old 9 going to Lansing Iowa. It took 2 days to fond him. Mr.Angel died trapped between his car and a tree.)

5.Mr.Bruce -1973 – 1976, Play production, I was a thespian. Waukon, Iowa High School.

5.Clara Bechanhower, 1973-1976, taught German. Waukon,Iowa.

6. Mr.Stampher, Algebra,1974,( his son Eddie Stamphere dated Joan Stockwell in 7th grade, and struck student on their shoulders with a long ruler.)

7.Sam Townsman – NICC, Human services 2008-2011( I was going for AA’s in Human Services and History)Calmar Iowa.

8.Composition teacher can not recall her name but can still pick her put of a crowd she read my poetry. Gave me two A’s.Comp 1 & 2. 2008,2009, NICC. Calmar Iowa. She was lovely.

9.Dr.Ernst Religion and history,NICC, DOC Ernest taught me my first Russian history.I think it would have helped in religion if I still blindly believed buy by 2011 my half sister had started lying to harm my mom and me.Its easy to not be a lame lead to slaughter when you are being crushed with lies.

10.Dr.Joe Needham – NICC, World Civilization 1 & 2, NICC and Luther College( Calmar Iowa and Decorah,Iowa.) Dr. taught psychology and history.

11. Edward Tebbenough – History department, Luther College.Retired.

12.The Christmans( Victoria and Robert) History Department. Luther College.( taught Roman History,British history,Renaissance, Black Death)

13.Dr.Deb Fordice, Education,Luther College.( no longer teaching college level teachers in Iowa City 2nd grade music.

14.Dr.Lori Stanley,Anthropology.Luther College.

15. Dr.Steigen, German, Luther College.

Started school in 1963 , studied at four colleges to 2016.Failed out of Luther College due to inability to test out of Statistics because no MRI in 2008 that showed brain trauma.

I was blessed borne with a amazing mom. She would be with me if Iowa Human Services cared more for the trueth then lies and slander. Marian D.Bittenger Heike. And with the few educators that graced my life.

My advisor friend since 2012.Dr.Jeanette Pillsbury. I trust her with my life. She teaches teacher how to handle situations. Luther College. Retiring in May 2019.Also an Episcopalian minister will get her own church in Virginia.

For me it seems obvious pay teachers to teach. Hire more staff or teach the young to care more for their needs.

Teachers are to educate but that should not interfer with them carrying for their students. But at the end of the day their job is raising and imparting on their own children traits that will make them well rounded humans. If educators are meant to raise other humans children their pay level really needs to be increased.


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