Poor people(me), not poor(you)

(Pictures my mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike, bullied to believe I stopped talking to her May 2018, proof on mom’s magic Jack the device my half sister bullied mom to using when she finally forced from Waukon Iowa,( magic Jack allows phone calls to be scanned.) So after a convienant electric drier fire night after priest Father Jim from Saint Patrick’s Catholic church in Waukon,Iowa came to discuss avenues to protect mom from being harrassed into moving to Granbury Texas.)

Poverty( me)

No vehical,no gas, insurance auto n apartment, no food. When food bank,ten miles away, food not alot but some, no job, no money,desire,plan plus no money , no food. One meal a day. Last night, Wenesday pop corn n tea supper, breakfast yucky Romona noodles n egg fried eggs, water. No veggies, no fruit.

Thursday: tea, toast, corn meal mush breakfast

When poor like me see homeless we think ( remember when we had a car and lived in it!)

Interesting to me and happy people view youth that skate potention revenue.Skate parks have sprung up in Iowa. In places now those youths no longer risk life and limb skating or skate boarding or biking kn the roads or sidewalks. Now those young and young at heart can expression and enhance their ability, love and passion!

Well alright! Still below poverty no money so we can start our own businesses . Work our asses off to get off disability, Not live in low rwnt housing, prisoners of Alliant energy instead of our own solar panels or wind power on our own homes! Leave poverty. I hope I do have better asses to finances for my Rural Rideshare and delivery business in Montena and put people to work. Have you ever wondered about us poor?

We ride no cab. Decorah Iowa’s home cab charges $1.50/ mile round trip thats twenty three dollars to drive from Ossian Iowa ten miles Decorah.If we want to STOP at Walmart for I Do Not Know Food they add $ sixty dollars! Hells spell starving in God damn poverty is what? Free!

I got a lousy $ one hundred and sixty dollars and forty eight cents for dads old pick up. F#$k I’m worth more dead then alive.

Been years since I had money to pay taxes.This time of year we get those scam calls the IRS are coming for you! Funny sad the government do not see us or care about “OUR”, Elderly. Just because people are in their eighties does not mean they belong to you Uncle Sam! My mom still did the house business ours still intelligent, even brainwashed I know I’m in my mom’s heart.Mom never tossed out anything not broke.

Mom never was an invalid, never abused or not fed. Only for three months left without a phone or TV.2013 my half sister took mom for a two week stay to Granbury Texas. Became three months.Diana took a twenty hour a week job to work to keep her home at the Granbury Ooera house selling tickets. Leaving the woman, our mom,eighty three year old that just a year before Diana had lied to Iowa Human Service department that our eighty two year old mom was an invalid and bed ridden. Left for hours at a time with no food and not fed and beaten. My sister Ellen Beth Heike Mathis knows thats a bald face lie. But Dians controls access to mom, so Ellen will take the trueth to her grave!

In 2014 just a year after mom the “invalid,bed ridden, flew home to northen Iowa, alone! Walking! Diana once again sent Iowa Human Services with exact same lies with a department who NEVER bothered to look into the trueth.Exactly like Strawberry fields in Liverpool.

Injustice ran rampide in Iowa from Iowa Human Service Department and one Narcississ Socialpath in granbury texas, what of it after all Diana’s poor sister was just a gay full time student, honorably discharged USARMY in her fifties who was always like a fly to pull off wings. Diana walks away to cripple my intelligent empathic compassionate mom. So I write! This is the only defense in my America I’m afforded.

Dead poor, Dead writer, Youtube content builder, useless poverty stricking gay American decendant of founding fathers entrepreneur voiceless bullied, me! Poverty in the wealthiest believed by other nations fed lies of our goverment see America as the place to be. Those people have never looked under the curtain and seen the real true America.

Writers others experienced the true American experience know my America if gay and valueless when our familes lie that we abused our mother then bully and lie to our mom and we have No one to really speak for the American poor innocent we are tossed beside the Roadsides of America to rust die and


You: food in cupboard and frig, gas, vehical, money, job,no food bank.Three meals a day.Fruit, veg.More then 1 pair of shoes, clothes, ability to take cans and glass to recycle bin. Not having to be aburden to get food or force to have no self respect, no attorney to stand for injustice or lies of slander.(poor Americans have No legal defense, illigals seen in the news they have legal defense. I wish they had been slandered American gay by family and poor – mean equation to be poor, gay and slandered by malice by hate of narcississ half sister who cared more for her keeping her home and property our mom had and money of moms when dad died then of mom or gay sister, only one that comes out winner of this hate crime in the Narc on Granbury Texas skilled in Hovering and Gaslighting)

Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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