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Seems like the easjest thing for anyone to grasp Right! Penniless means Without pennies! Why is it when I tell people I got a lousy 160.48 for the pickup I drove for five years.I tell them my pickup was so in earnest that as it rushed djwn the parking lot at the lousy Low Rent housing to ram into the telephone pole and flatten me onto the parking lot , those people still ask so when are you getting another vehical!

In America there is NO ASSISTANCE for disabilied without vehicals and penniless to start our iwn businesses so fot eleven shitty years I have been on stupid disability. Had my name smeered No advocate.My mom forced from her home by the narcississist bully in my family.Mom was Gaslight to believe all the Narc’s lies.

I spoke to a friend that has three things I took from the house.I texted her last night asked if she could bring the brass to Luther College.Odette said she’d rather not come to Luther could I just come and get what it is I want to take to Montena with me.

I told her have no truck.Odettes response well you judt come when you get your truck back.I said my truck was Literately crushed. And I said I have no idea where you live. Odette said yes you do you were here. I said Odette I was never at your house. Odette said in 2015.I again saud No!

Then she said who was? Those guys helping me move in to the dump the roller rink us on highway fifty two they took the things over in their pickup. Odette said who were they. I have No idea except their sons gay.They were from PFLAG.

I HATE PENNYLESS the librarian ten miles away is a sub teacher and will be teaching in Ossian on the twenty fifthth of April and will come get books, records and that microwave that the eighty nine year old from Waukon Iowa gave me at the food bank. She understands Penniless!

Pat suggestion was that I got my knees fixed with the no money I have so I can walk to the library. Jesus!

When I told my adopted sister Pat her first question was ‘How do you know her?’ How assinine is that that a seventy four year old asks a sixty one year old how I met someone? But then when I give Pat something she says ‘Where do you get that? Piss me off.

I just called to cancel my insurance with my auto. I said I was moving out to Montena.I said I was not going a new vehical until I was out there and found work. So are you cancelling your renters.I said no. Since I can not cancel until I sign to do it.So will have to wait until May. So this month I paid 39.99 for auto insurance on air.

Piss me off that most farmers around northern Iowa who will not employ Iowans employ illigals.

Pisses me off that all my girl friend on disability can earn is six thousand dollars or she loses that crappy bit she earns. I want to work.I want my own working farm. I want to raise sockeye walleye n produce, grape, berries , wool on an artist retreat with nightly local talent. Utilizing my Hospitality skills.

I loath penniless.Low rent housing. Goverment thinking when I hit my eighties they have the right to tell me how or where to live while a bag of wind lies, harrasses on the phine then torches our laundry room then gas lights my mom into beliving I ever wrote lies about my mom so my mom removes me from her will.

Screens moms phone calls with the magic Jack conviences our now 91 year old mom that I abandaned mom so now mom wants nothing to do with her gay daughter. With no job I have no private detective or legal defence and the bully in my family never is sued for what she did and continues to do to me and my mom.

Poverty penniless void of transportation ambitious loyal hard-working disabilied good with all animals and babies , elderly NEVER in my life hurt anyone and the one I long to hear died or is missing is in granbuty Tx.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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