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Driving as a passenger

Hi good weekend.I find that as a driver I always know where Im going if lost which happens alot I stop.Turn on Goggle maps and inside shout ‘Yeigh!’ Goggle always knows where I am.

When I ride along with Pat an adopted sister I keep still. I still seem to get scolded. Pats 74 and I’m 61. Yesterdau we were on Old Calmar road Pat sputtered about a red pickup on Trout about to enter Old Calmar rod.Pat’s goal was signing her taxes after taking me to Walmart.

All of the sudden Pat says shoot this is not the way I wanted to go. So I see this as an optima time to stick in my two cents. Well I would have turned on to Trout where that red pick up was coming out. Pat says I do not like gravel roads. I said I know that. Trout is all paved.Pat says I don’t know that!

I’m always at a lost for words when people seem easy to question someone who used a road for 3 years. Then she stated I don’t even knows where it comes out. I said its called Trout because it goes by the trout hatchery with Decorah’s eagles to highway 9 adjacent to Walmart.

As I pondered this then fell asleep in my chair gas to me was dear. Pat doesn’t need to be frugal with gas. Thats one of the reason we are in the state America us in climate wise.

Next time I ride with her I shall try to be more instructive in assistance when driving.


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