Well I guess

The population of writers in Montena will be rising in June. Still unsure I have a uncertain feeling about Montena but theres resorts and I do love tourist. I was promised loyalty and love. I know Darlene is a worthy partner and will not stop me reading and doing my stuff on my Youtube ChannleContinue reading “Well I guess”

Same tools different person

Three years my mom was bullied and harrassed on the phone and in person. I was the only one that cared.Over and over my half sister was yammering how moms.life would be ‘ better if she left her home, her family moved to Texas.’ Mom did not want to.Mom did not want to be owned,Continue reading “Same tools different person”

Birthday wish!

Today my sixty first birthday I find myself pondering about whys and the power of words. As a writer I imagine I know and sometimes understand things when in trueth at sixty one I know in trheth I will forever be bewildered by. Questions that burn within me order of thoughts are : 1. WhatContinue reading “Birthday wish!”

Compose Ninja

What a great idea for a business.I’m constantly wondering why I appear the only one annoyed that there is no recepriols around that allow for composting our raw veg.Tossing it out instead of gleaning all that is posible from our raw veg is irrational and ‘STUPID!’ It’s the raw waste that causes the methane firesContinue reading “Compose Ninja”

Carvers carve, writers breath ink

I tend to write journal style. For years I was hurt beyond repair like melting ice I have had a chemical change. No longer filled with hate boiling over the walls containg my fluid. I have grown.I still and shall always dispuse those in my family unit who made it their mission for a melencholyContinue reading “Carvers carve, writers breath ink”

Should be rules

Like in life you are taught in school how to write a letter.You learn who to trust.Not to trust.Whose is aceptable by a community to love. One underlining bedrock bit of felt knowledge was that family always stand beside you. Was that thought less a thing I imagined? Did I feel it and not hearContinue reading “Should be rules”