Where’s the America that protects the innocent?

Guess if I can fix it I will. No money my state for legal aid to clear my name or to sue the two who continue to lie to my mom. My mom went from December 2018 wanting to talk to me believing I had stopped talking to her by choice unaware that in MayContinue reading “Where’s the America that protects the innocent?”


Yesterday I checked my monthly mail. I had 148 left for electric from goverment assistance so I did not freeze in low rent housing. Alliant energy used up 480 in 3 months with their added Winter Step 1 and 2 and last month their added step 3. This month Winter step 3 which added fromContinue reading “Never UNDERESTIMATE”


Emotionally dammaged by a narcississ. Narcississ need those that empower them by being compliant those are the once they Gaslight, lie to change their truths. Do not doubt yourself because equally important to the narcississ are the victims of their lies. The victims such as myself have been literally tore to pieces. We no longerContinue reading “CPDSC SO MANY CAPS”


Years ago I found a book being a collector about the POW’s who were German incamped in Iowa. I learned Saturday Japaneses POW were also in Iowa. Why is it now I  learned that both German and Japanese were encamped in Iowa. I studied history in Iowa at two different colleges neither school mentioned this.Continue reading “POW WWII”

Me, Valerie Whitewolf Heike

Ash fallen heart Saint Patty’s Day use to be full of merry, Florence Fitzgerald cousin to Harriet Duggin or mom and I’d drive to see and sit and watch the parade Last time I saw it was with Pat Zidlicky from Postville Iowa in dad’s red pickup 2012 The year started at Luther College MomContinue reading “Me, Valerie Whitewolf Heike”

My will

March 17,2019 Val Heike’s last will and testament Not to be connected to anything or worked on to revive. Executor Pat Zidlicky and Darlene Braxton Coins Collected and loved by mom after dads death go to my youngest nephew for his oldest daughter Mela. Records Dr. Deb Fordice Virginia and South Dakota Mount Rushmore andContinue reading “My will”

Dollar stores

How odd it is American’s want neigh demand equality in prices and wages yet Resorts pay barely surviving rates to other Americans.Americans rush to the Dollar store to purchase things like other things only usually weaker. Made in countries we can not pronounce made by people not able to feed their children. Im siting hereContinue reading “Dollar stores”