Same tools different person

Three years my mom was bullied and harrassed on the phone and in person. I was the only one that cared.Over and over my half sister was yammering how would be ‘ better if she left her home, her family moved to Texas.’

Mom did not want to.Mom did not want to be owned, pushed bullied! Said no all the time so December third after after having removed our front door lock. Diana Dudley my half sister like punching an animal shook her finger in out 86 year old moms face shouting ‘ You have No business having doors that lock! You have Nothing of value!’

December 3rd 2014 night after Father Jim told mom and myself what we should do to stop Diana’s harrassment our electric drier right by the “”unlocked gront door.’ A door only Diana knew was unlocked she drove up in her sons white SUV to tote home as many valuebles as she could along with the dehavalin china she claimed after Minnie Nagle whom mother and I cared for but she Diana years earlier had claimed. Set her fire in an electric drier. Only 2% of laundry room fires are caused by electric driers across the US. No one looked into the 16 pages of elder abuse Diana did to mom in 3 years or our convienant fire thats how it is in small town America no one cares for rights and Hate crimes get pushed under rugs.

It was easier for my christian family to believe the gay daughter me who was always their for mom was a monster and a bully and that Diana was the saint daughter saving our mom and my kid sister who knew the truth let it happen.

After the fire Diana tore our house up seeking the wealth in my grandmothers paintings(they all vanished with Randy Gene Lovitt from Spencer Iowa his fee for bullying me after I survied Diana’s fire!)

Four days after intensive care where I died from finding her fire I was taken to the fire station.

Im life mom I hate being pushed.All I hear is how my life would be better in Montenna. Doors would open for me there that could not open for me here in the state my grandparents came to from PA in covered wagons.

See I have changed. Since last June Im working on a better life things are not magical work has got to be done inside and out to rectify change.I want out of poverty.

Two days ago I was told I had to decided when Id move.I was told I could see a doctor for my MRI in Montena.I want proof of my brain trauma to take to Luther College who would not acceot I had sever brain trauma when struck the concrete after thrown from a car hood.

Twice now in August 2008 and in December 2014 suffered brain trauma need that proof I did not go to college for 7.6 years to fail out because no one could see I have a math disability.Waukon Veterins Memorial hospital after I was hit on my ten speed ordered no CT scan or MRI.I was not even kept over night.

It makes no sense when I have an appointment to rush off to another state to get another form of medicare.I just want my BA then fish till Im dead then my piece if white trash half sister will not be able to stop me talking to mom. Ill never be protected from her hate Christ knows I wasnt in life and no one but me ever gave a god damn bit of the abuse the narcississ heaped on mom.I hope to jigh heaven you never ket what hapoened yo mom and me happen to your gay family!

Found out last year Medical malpractice vanishes after a year not for the patient but for the duffus. Legal Malpractice you have two years but last year it was 2018 thats 10 years after I was hit. Funny just after I got medical and a lousy $5000 for surviving lousy accident and medical and a lawyer from my community the legal eagle became a writer!

I have been nursing cellitice I work till fall askeep only thing it helps is I do not have to hear the endless dribble why one tomb is better then another. I entered our torched home for my treasures and the katest fantttttastic(my word) idea is a trailer behind my pickep that will not survive a 1000 mile trip. It took three pick ups to move here.I will not leave my treasures. Things I saved or my cat. And will move to Wisconson when Im 71.

Well its 4 am got to read. Any constructive thoughts would be advantageous I assured Darlene that the only reason I would move to be with her would be just her no other reason.

My half sister took all my family but I always hated lack of community and narrow mindedness but love Wisconsin and like Minnesota. Take care all.

My Youtube channle is Val Whitewolf Media I read books would love to write a grant for financing for that no idea how. Night!

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media

I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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