If you have been wronged and your 91 year old mother is living with a mental abusive person how can you do nothing? I was just told that since mom has been not knowing that she had rights. Been mentally bullyied for for years after harrassed and bullied long distance now that shes in Texas (and has been since taken there after my half sister lit our electric drier on fire December 2014) it does not matter any more. Matters to me!

My good name has not been mine for four years but it still matters to me. An ex wants me to move to Montena. No one understands my heart was cut out then run over by family.

All my trust is gone. Why should I walk away from my mom and  the real monster of my family continues to do to mom and me?

How do I get people to see the emotional trauma I suffered and mom and I continue to suffer from this toxic narcississ who got away both bullying mom on the phone for two yeara.Annual visists for up close and personal toxic visits of humilliation.

I died its not an adaption I was revived twice in Iowa City’s burn unit. I know my empathic mom better than anyone I watched dad humiliate with words. Aftrr pushed and bullied moms like a turtle hides her head in her shell and does or says whatever Diana wants .

Wheres our knights in shinning armour. Why is it that Diana continues to walk away with our blood on her hands?

This is murder most foul! Diana Lee Heike Dudley forced mom after years of mom saying No I do not want to live with you or leave Iowa or my family.The night after a priest comes tonthe house to discuss what to fo to keep mom and me safe we have a fire!

In October Diana removed my front door lock the yelked at mom. ‘You have Nothing of value ,You have no right to lock doors!( Diana in Granbury Texas has doors that lock and Windows with bars on them. All Diana had to do was drive to Waukon Iowa a trip Diana did in 8 hours. )

Diana called mom ten times a day and like a turkey buzzards picked and picked at mom till she learned anything mom knew. All Diana had to do was drove to Waukon she had already removed all but one battery in a smoke alarm. Start the laundry room on fire all my clothes wolere there.

No fire at 8 but by 1003 pm the fire had taken out the laundry room that sat back to back with the only bathroom.A crawl space ran under the bathroom to the basement that was where the only smoke alarm with battery was.

Good thing in October I moved dads guns Diana had wanted to take all the guns to her son Robert John Cook in Texas who like his mothers birth father enjoys beating women. I broke into dads gun cabinet see the cabinet was locked that kept Diana from taking her son who would not even be bothered to leave work to come and say good bye to dad.Dad died of dementia just as Diana’s last husband of one year divorced Diana.Dan Aher of Texas another ‘Love of her life!’

Diana’s fire nuked the laundryroom took out dads empty gun cabinet.In October I moved all dads guns good thing I did they were all loaded. Wish I had left them there and bolted the door then the gun cabinet would have been safe. Diana would not have simply walked in lit the laundry toom on fire and dtove away.

Funny thing the fire took out moms bedroom door. Mom’s bedroom was where the garage was. Fire burned through the wall and front door.I had rigged it shut because of all the heat we lost through the front door each year. The fire turned around and went by the bathroom door I had three cats in there. My Schnuggler was the last kitty I found of four cats after the heat of the fire. The dire roared up the horrid green shag carpet.

On the stair well is where I found the fire I breathed right into the mouth of the fire. Four days later when returned to Waukon from Iowa City before I was allowed to see mom I was taken in from of the fire marshall. I did nothing wrong while the fire setter walked away and in a month got what she wanted to force mom from her home.

Next time I’m in town I ‘m going to the Court House in Decorah Iowa and ask for a probono attorney I have to sue Diana and her son before June 3rd, 2019.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

2 thoughts on “Wronged

    1. Very inciteful but my biggest bet is on me.I’m from a family that bet I would give up and just die. I tend to be slow on the draw sometimes but I do not quit easy.


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