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America Family insurance and Alliance Energy

I’m old school if I have not paid for it I have not got it. Telling me they will take payment for something a month after I had not had it( sounds like Big Bang figuring.) I will not pay for a horse not in my barn a month after killed!!!

Today I got an email explaining that in March the insurance company will take $175.00 for February and March. So like grease lightening I grabbed my cell phone and called America family in Decorah Iowa. I said What’s going ? They had emailed me that they had taken my gee for February. Last month I had finally got them to grasp the fact on disability I do not have money laying around for an additional $10 every month to pay for paper billing.

The owner of the American Family insurance in Decorah is near the Veterans facility where the old Walmart was. I spoke twice to the company and once to my bank which assured me mo money went out of my bank except the $10 for my rentle insurance. The last time I spoke to America family they told me corporate could not bill me because my stopping physical paper.

Come on! So for a month they think what that its cool I have no transportation in Ossian Iowa.No groccery store nearest food bank is Saturday in Calmar Iowa 6 miles away!!! Come on!

Pissed . Annoy an Iowa lesbian at your own risk! Two seconds after annoy set im I was calling the local insurance man. My monthly pickup insurance would be $35(America family took $98 until August when I moved to Ossian Iowa) Much better, rental with America family was 10, Ossian insurance Co is 12.75 for rental insurance.All toll my new insurance will save me $50.

You are not victim gor anyone or any company who tefuse to ((Think.!!)) Alliance energy see even people like this writer as SUCKERS WITHOUT A CHOICE.

Alliant energy in Novembert they add what they call a winter step 1 and 2. The winter step 1 and two Nov and December of 2018 allowed the Alliant Energy to add an additional $62 to our electric bills. In January that fee was upped by 22 dollars bringing that some to $84 .

That $84 is a small fortune to me as well as others I write and you too hopping to get notice to find funding I hate poverty. I can make a difference. I need land to raise hydropodic sockeye walleyes native fish to Wisconsin and fast growing.

Wind and solar powered farming produce and wool on an artist retreat. I called a friend in Montena she told me in Montena and even Arizona Alliant energy charge this winter step one and two. This was the second person to tell me what they understood Winter 1 and 3 was.

Firstly I was told that we in northern Iowa were punished because this was where we choice to live and in winter months we use more electricity. I heat the hall and the front room. I do not use the bedroom nor heat it. I never move the thermostat past 65,usually 40 to 60. I never use the ceiling lights.

Second person friend in Montena told me Alliance Energy charges more in the winter because half of there electric power comes from up north other half from down south.

How stupid do people think America is? If we had solar and wind like Luther College all their electric comes made on side.The windmill can be seen going down into Decorah. The solar panle are near as well as on buildings.

Why would power be brought from fown south from windmils and solar the excess is saved in energy kn units called dells.


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