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Alliant Energy

Hello do you have an energy company that literatly get away with adding to your bill? In November that company added $62 to my bill calling if winter step 1 and 2. Alliant Energy are literally protraying highway men hijacking what little we have in our wallets.

My first bill when I moved into 102 Bothell Avenue apartments my first bill was $43.30 in September my bill was 50 dollars. On October we had a cold burst and my bill was $62. I do not heat or use the bedroom. I heat only hall by kitchen and front room.

Aong comes November and there it is big as life Winter step 1 and 2 a girlfriend tells me that the electric company does that everywhere. November’s bill went for $60 to $102,December $118 then Bam January the electric company adds $22 more to the bill upping what the electric Company gets off the top $ 84.

Darlene in Montana says the electric companys excuse is ‘some of there electricity comes from up north some comes from down south!’

Bullshit I say, I cry havoc telease the dogs of war. My old college Luther College runs off electricity and solar

All the electricy is sort if mined from the air and the sun over head.How stupid are we to pay this? Sure would lovr to work for a company without their hands in my pocket as I do my darnest to leave shitty poverty!!!


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