Watch “June 2014,Headington of Iowa Human Services” on YouTube

My half sister tried have a priest kicked out of moms hospital room.Mom stopped that.Took two days for Diana to convience my sweet intelligent brutalized by my half sister that Father told Diana to fuck off. If in America call this number just see if the narcississ lets my mom answer the phone that isContinue reading “Watch “June 2014,Headington of Iowa Human Services” on YouTube”

Watch “Finding the fire December 2014,Waukon,Iowa” on YouTube

This video is my most viewed 99 times. Makes me feel good.Im not wasting my time. My half sister started this fire,killed moms cat uses the fact that she placed me Val Heike on Elder abuse with just her lies. Hearsay is not valid witness. No evidence. If in America call this number just seeContinue reading “Watch “Finding the fire December 2014,Waukon,Iowa” on YouTube”

Watch “Reversible shirts and Iowa Human Services Who really care nothing about the TRUTH” on YouTube

To this date I have not spoke to my mom since May 2018. Mom spoke to me in May and in March mom sent me a birthday card and Walmart card for 30 dollars.

Watch “Skyland lodge up from Luray VA -1” on YouTube

Worked 3 seasons for Aramark a company that values foreign workers that work vie contracts from outside America.

Watch “Standing up to verbal abuse is Outstanding” on YouTube

My half sister lie to mom over and over and over that I say foul things about my mom.Over and over again to Gaslight mom into removing me from mom’s will March 2016.

Watch “One Voice,One Story,” on YouTube

Sometimes standing up to a family narcississ is done in You tube videos after years of harrassment then she torched our laundry room December 3rd 2014. Mkm 86 and I 56 sat in our den and watched TV.

Watch “1. Winter step 1 and Winter step 2” on YouTube

Winter step 1 and 2 Does your Electric company add money to your bill every month? November and December 2018 Alliant Energy they added 62 dollars a month. Starting this month January 2019 they have jacked up that additional fee from 62 to 84 adding another 22 dollars. I use energy like my grandmother usedContinue reading “Watch “1. Winter step 1 and Winter step 2” on YouTube”

Watch “Youtube and Hazell in customer Service” on YouTube

When I was a kid Thankyou’s were a way of life now it seems no one uses or says them.I have no notion of stopping being thankful for Outstanding Servies. And when unlike the mouse I was before 56 if my service sucks I share that also.