America today

Shealtered the America of today knows Nothing of truth,loyalty , how to be a comrad. People still run to our shores believing the old rhetoric, propaganda ‘Innocent before ‘Proven guilty!’

Words, when I was a kid I believed every one of the lies that puts colored glasses upon the dead like ‘Weekend at Bernies.’ If someone told me that being a good person in life was what or who I was to be, now I’d spit in their face!

Being a good person, helping my mom.Learning about her life.Seeing my mom as a lifetime friend. Saving my pennies so mom could have the nice things in life dad seemed never to care mom needed or wanted.

My kid sister played and bullied when drunk just like dad and made mom cry herself to sleep, I saw mom cry. Felt her tears and pain when at seventeen Ellen Beth Heike did to mom. What her son at seventeen did to Ellen.

Patterns are around us. Patterns are like cadence from speech. Ellen at the top of her lungs after coming home late, drunk yelling at mom. Nana, moms mom was visiting , trying to defend mom. Mom Marian Heike telling her mom ‘Stay out of this I’ll correct my daughter!’ Dad in the livingroom being a coward.I asked dad what he was going to do, dad,Dr.L.N.Heike said stay out of the way!

Is that all America does now cover our heads ‘Shout Heelspur! And cower in the corner. Even chickens defend their own!

Last June on the third I in a video on my Youtube blog , I said was going to go see my, kid sister I miss her. I miss Ellen Beths smile, I miss hugging her spending time with my only sister. I know now never should have said in a video my plans, the narcississ will crush your heart with every turn.

Its been three years not hearing from Ellen or seeing her just nineteen miles away. Ellen loves to read so I found some great like new books and I went to see her.

My older half sister had already told Iowa Human Services the lie that the other bully on my family feared me

Me, I cared for my mom. Never harmed anyone was alone . Bullshit had no advocate to defend the Gay Heike sister. Sherriff department of Allamakee County in northern Iowa was called. Adding on the hate crime that forced our now 91 year old mom to be with a narcississitic socialpath Gaslighter hoover.

How do you do that did you not grow up in our Heike household Ellen? Did you learn exactly what Diana learned from her father bully mom with words, Diana’s used his fist. Nothings more important if it gets you what you want. That’s the narcississist code of conduct.

The trueth is that here in America ‘the innocent suffer, they are expendable, lambs to the slaughter. Not one person will shout ‘Foul, no one will care after all your sisters just queer!’

I cared when at seventeen Ellen shouted at mom ” When you sing, you make my ears bleed! Mom and I are empaths you Ellen pierced moms heart.

Mom was a first Alto to first Soprano like me. Now after Dianas fire mom is no longer able to sing. Mom stopped on a dime singing anytime Ellen was around. Why because the white trash Ellen is hated mom having the right to simply sing. That was abuse, that is abuse!

When Diana at 66, October 2014 came to our home three years after her fifth husband escaped the Black widow’s curse( being Diana Lee Heike Dudleys husband after a year of hell!) Diana stood in front of our mom in the den at 405 2nd street N.E.,Waukon Iowa and shouts at the top of her lungs after removing my lock on the front door “You have No Right to have Doors that Lock! You have Nothing of value!’ That is abuse!

Placing a gay sister who was always was there for her mom on Elder Abuse is not only against the law to use a goverment office to force your sane intelligent non invalid mom from her family and home and her cat.

Marian D Heike told you ((Diana Dudley of Granbury Texas seventy times a week “”No!”” No I do not want to leave my home or my family and move to Texas. Diana never heard mom.

I heard my mom cry everytime she hung up.Mom would say “doesn’t she get I’m her parent she is not mine! Our phone was out of Media Com I paid the bill. Human Services of Iowa never spoke to mom or me or Ellen.

Diana could make the drive from Granbury,Texas to Waukon,Iowa in 8 hours.Only thing keeping or giving mom the ability to remain in her home was that gay daughter who never was an abuser this is a 200% hate crime!

In order to get Iowa Human Services to go and check on mom Sept.3rd 2012 was four lies.

1.Moms an invalid, 2. Marian Heike is left for hours at a time without a phone 3. Not fed 4.Beaten (( I had returned to college January 2008, I was 50 carrying a full load. Mom was not an invalid.No one asked anyone. In 2011 after Diana’s last of five husbands divorced her Diana was in a nose dive.Narcississ believe they like a vampire need a constant blood source.))

It was upon that moment a plan was visualized that involved forcing the best person and the money grampa Bittenger left to his daughter including what mother would have after dad died tp Granbury Texas.

Diana assumed it would be easy pizzy after all Diana had spent years bullying mom one way or another to get what she. Ellen enjoyed the wealth from free babysitter so she worked all week then went out with her girl friends on the weekends.

While I was working at the concession at Mt.Rushmore a letter came to me from my now( I had goggled my moms sister name two weeks ago so worried about mom and found out my favorite aunt was dead in Spencer Iowa.) Clarian had like I guess everyone else did not get I was on contract , Clarian begged me to come home and help mom.Mom was suffering from a black widow wood spider bite from the family cabin.

Those spider bites blacked your veins.Mom had been placed on 22 hours bed rest a day. But she had dad to feed including little boys to care for.Ellen knew how to get her way.Like Diana Ellen had years of practice. Simply tell mom if you can not take them then Shawns mom will have them!

That like Ellen and Diana and dad belittling mom made mom feel like she was bleeding inside!

Why is it only murders, illigals that find legal defence not innocent victims like mom and me.We were not on Social Services.

In 2011 Diana using dads hack saw, sawed half way through a brand new faucet with life time warrentee from Manards in La Crosse,Wisconsin. For two years I carried water from the bathroom to cook with and to wash up with.

In 2008, August I was struck on 8th avenue by Lynn Marrow a retired attorney of 93. He got no ticket his car was loaded up and taken away. He turned into me walking my bike in the cross walk of 5th street and 8th avenue. Morrows vehical literally moved my left knee cap.

I plumethed through Morrows windshield blowing out all the air bags. I was after he stopped his vehical after driving over my bike stopped sent me like an arrow straight ahead into the concrete road smashing my right wrist to bits.

My left shoulder blade cracked, I had rocks embedded in my right upper lob. Dr. Schwartz ordered no CT scan or MRI after all I was just a joke a gay woman who biked, took college courses and lived with mommie and daddie.

I did not find out about malpractice in legal and medical until last year. My younger sister who lives outside if Waukon not once asked if their was anything she could do for me and when I asked her to get me something in town, Ellens response ‘ Why can’t Val get it!

I guess I should have expected no help.I wore my countries uniform twice. My half sister told Iowa Human Services that the only times I ever lived away from home I was housed by the US goverment not true, Not true. Our goverment is useless.

Look at the poor example running the country. Now with a mostly democratic house maybe check and ballances will control the insanity. But as long as we have poverty stricken Americans who hate poverty like myself still willing to fight for the freedom for my mom believing she has no choice but to live till death with a bully who threatens moms second cats life to get what she wants. This gay daughter of Leon Norbert Heike and Marian D Bittenger Heike innocent of being falsely accused of ELDER ABUSE, so the real bully of the Heike family can financially rape the best person my mom I will write and video tape on Val Whitewolf Media Youtube channle trying to clear my name and sell my story. Bring mom home before the two packs of over the counter pain packs kill out diabetic mom and Diana walks away from that like she walked away from.

1.Falsefying Elder Abuse against Valerie K Heike ( 2012, September, June 2014 and November 2014)

2.Calling the Allamakee County Sherriff office lying to them when I had just gone to see my blood sister. June 3rd.2018.(Both of these are slander with malice)

Nope this is not the America I put on the USARMY or USMARINE uniform for. What ever happened to America the proud home of the brave?

If in Texas or anywhere in America call this number just see if the narcississ lets my mom answer the phone that is suppose to be mother.Maybe then you will hear my moms voice and you can tell her Val loves her with all her heart. Blow the narcississist mind she thinks she is safe from the daily abuse she does to mom and me in her hate crime.

If in Texas call this number just see if the narcississ lets my mom answer the phone that is suppose to be mother.Maybe then you will hear my moms voice and you can tell her Val loves her with all her heart.


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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