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What makes people cowards?


When I was a kid I use to think my baby sister Ellen was fearless afraid of nothing fierce. Ellen woukd climb to the tippy tippy top of the pine tree in our front tree. I would climb just high enough so that when I leaped down nothing would break off.

Ellen and her gang skipped school. She lied. Drank  said screaming at top of her lungs at our sweet mom , horrible things were like daggers she would fling at mom when mom was right and the baby of the family knew she was wrong.

Like dad never ever said she was wrong ir that she was ((Sorry.))

I never lied. Was shy afraid of people,relatives,dad,now as of 2011 my older half sister. When I was 17 I was beyond mad I had so many emotions all my life.I was fed up hearing especially at family gathings people feeling sorry for me because I was missing a boy friend and I was always at home with mom and dad.

I did not want a bastard male like my dad. I was not going to be like mom always wishing she had never married dad in front of her daughters. Mom would tell everyone she did not love dad. I used to pray he died never happened.

I knew all about the dick moms first husband was the fellow who when mom was carring Diana beat mom and kicked her in the gut! Plus I was always sure I was supose to be a boy because I loved girls.

When your a kid growing up in rural Iowa or Wisconsin , it might be this way everywhere I do not know! And your the middle kid. Not very special you are sure of it. When yelling starts you learn right at the bat innocent and handy is like guilty if someone bigger is pissed with his day.

My older half sister came with baggage deep inside and for whatever reason her failures were my fault too. With my death December 3rd from burnt lungs I srarted at 56 to finally stand up. Say no you can not continue to do this to mom and me! Diana with her face in mine like a drill instructor told me ‘No one cares to hear your story!’ Funny she is wrong again.

Theres a project with over 100000 plus innicent people.I speak so others also innocent will maybe start to also Stand tall to our bullies. People say find new friends. Hell I want my beautiful nephews to finally see Diana and Ellem foe who they are.

I often wonder does Ellen not come forward because she also sees shes a coward? Is she afraid? Why do people fear doing the right thing?

When I was ten my dogs name was Casey,Casey was just a pup my oldest nephew was 1 year just learned to walk. We were out to the Triple H. Heike’s Hilly Haven the brand was a 3 with the H that ran through the bottom bar. Casey was full of heart a gleem was.visible to have passed through him ans he ran over to Diana’s son in play.Knocked Robbie flat!

Took a week for Diana the narcississistic creep to find a dog and a made up story. Friday I hugged my only friend beside mom tell him see you in a bit Casey. After school Casey was gone.I was not allowed to say goodbye,have one last hug tell him I loved him. It was ok after all Casey was just Val’s vest friend.

See Diana told mom that Patches who looked like a white Benji a terrier cross’s people were going to Mexico to be missionaries.No one sought the trueth why would they.Mom tried to plead for my buddy,my Casey Brown then Diana pulled out the big guns and told mom if you do not take Patches two things will happen you will never see Robbie again and Patches will be murdered.

After Diana December 2014 lite our electric drier on fire while mom and I sat two rooms over watching TV.A fire not smelled all day but by 1003 PM had totaled the laundry room,dads gun cabinet(I moved all the guns of dads out of it in October 2014,after Diana removed my lock on front door.Went to mom stuck her hand into moms face screamed ( ‘You have no business having doors that lock,You have NOTHING of value!’ After that mom would not allow me to lock the front door.

I figured someone would one day find the front door opened and slaughter mom and me so I moved all dads guns. After the convient laundry room fire by the front door only Diana knew no longer locked the sherriff of Allamakee County in northern Iowa found ALL DADS GUNS WRRE LOADED!) If Diana Lee Heike Dudleys fire hit the bullits and the guns the house would have blown up.

Nothing would have changed. Instead of dying twice from burnt lungs mom and I’d be dead. I have not been allowed to talk to mom for 8 months. Mom came to me Sept 2014 in tears afraid of Diana and being left alone.

So in August 2014 I stepped out of college my senior year at Luther College. Have you ever noticed theres alwats one daughter who is the homebody? Some of us are gay,whp well Im probally all alone due to the fact in August 2008 I was hit on my bike after a final in cultural diversity while biking home I was struck by a 93 year old retired attorney.

I walk with a can,until 2015 I crawled up steps. I dropped no classes with my smashed wrist,cracked scalpula I was black and blue from head to toe.

No CSCAN,not kept over night went home and made supper for mom and dad. Since Diana’s last of 5 husbands in 2011 Diana started harrasing mom 70 times a week on phone and other things. The. Ullying will never stop as long as moms force to have to live with Diana Dudley.

Dianas a bully financially and physically. I write so that one day maybe mom and I will finally get justice. No one looked twice at what Diana did!

Twice in Diana’s rush to force mom from her she placed me on Elder Abuse I have never harmed anyone.I did not know I was placed on Elder Abuse Sept 3,2012 the first day I sat my first class at Luther College. Iowa Human Services were told by Diana I beat and refuse to feed our invalid mom!

I’d loved for someone to have had the common sense a mouse is born with Iowa Human Service dept. Lack that for darn sure how many invalid who are according to lies are bed ridden regually drive to play bridge.In 2012 mom was a red hat lady,secretary of the VFW,drove to Spencer Iowa to see her sister a 5 hour drive without bed attached. Went to the doctor sometimes I drove mom has bad arthritis its herritary. Shopped,cooked gardened with me.

September 3rd,2012 was the last day we ever us the Heike’s if Waukon,Iowa keot our back door unlocked. Ellen told me in December when I recieved a thing placing me on elder abuse Ellen told me Diana had done it in 2012 and mom had told her Ellen that if Diana ever did it again mom would remove Diana from moms will.

Ellen says I know Dennis Headington Ill tell her its all lies.Diana had even said dad hit mom and that I enjoyed it so much I hit mom too. I have or I shoukd say Dr.Jeanette Pillsbury my adviser at Luther College is holding it for me soon Ill have it all. I handed the paper work to Ellen right after Ellen tells me Diana lies to mom daily.

I want to shout how do you allow that white trash into your home. All the time I recall right after I left intensive care at moms hospital bed side Ellen tells me homeless I was not even welcome in her basement. A week later Ellen hands back the paper work to me and says ‘I know your innocent but I can not help you. Diana had told Ellen its meaningless to be placed on Elder Abuse!’ Diana tells mom Ellen doesn’t want you mom Val can not take care of you she’s on Elder Abuse its me in Texas or a nursinghome where you know No one!

Where are the knights in shinning armour who care that this lesbian disabled good hearted generous woman got treated like shit ? Diana did to me in January 2015 exactly what she did to me when I was 10. Diana removed mom from Good Samarian nursing home in 26 below zero at 8 am.I was not even allowed to say good bye,I’ll be seeing you,my mom my best friend.

Just 19 miles away Ellen Mathis lives. I want to know how do you forget a sister.How do you not call or go by or send a thankyou.I had said in a video I was going to see Ellen it had been 3 years June 3 2018. Diana was there she called the Sherriff department of Allamakee County.No idea what lies.she told to get two sherriffs with two vehicals.That is also slaunder with malice. This fish is not going to escape. I was not allowed legal free assistance for this HATE CRIME!

That surw us what it is.Character is everything. My entire stories in short videos on my youtube channle Val Heike I also read books.Love to see you stop by.

This is America why are there no lawyers willing to defend innocent disablied leabians? How does someones little sister seen as a hero betray someone.they know never ever harmed anyone? I do not know .


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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